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Is your winning formulae Raw One? October 29, 2011

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                           Is your winning formulae Raw One?

Formulae One and the latest bollywood movie Ra.One are trending as the talk of the date. Both are first time of its kind exposure for many people in our country. Shahruk Khan’s product Ra.One specially caught the attention from marketing guru’s and business analysts. Various marketing genius opined that the release date of this movie was not rightly timed. Diwali is one of the most prominent festival in India and majority of Indian’s will be busy celebrating Diwali. Who would want to watch a movie on this day? There is already an array of opinion available about the movie and I read various reviews on blogs as well as in media news. Some say that the ‘day one’ collection for this launch was below expectation, less than the scoreboard of the movie Bodyguard, while some other’s are confident that the overall receipts would be justified. Diwali holiday is followed by a week-end which should see an exodus to cinema halls across the country. The market strategy to launch movie on a festival day sounds to be good one!

This write-up is not a review on Ra.One but an attempt to explore the winning formulae which makes people succeed in their ventures. Growth comes only to those who …………

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Diwali – The sound of success and the light of happiness October 22, 2011

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The sound of success and the light of happiness

The best part of our country India is that it is a land of celebrations and festivals. Celebrations are the most effective de-stressing events. Festivals are events where friends and relatives mingle with one another. These joyful moments add love and commitment to relationships. Children get introduced to the traditions and subsequently the  rituals get rolled over to subsequent generations.


A scene which I detest during festival days is that of the heaps of trash lying unaddressed on the streets. Meeta (assumed name of a homemaker) was very enthusiastic about Deepawali celebrations. She had loads of work to do before the festival. Not just the preparation of sweets and purchase of new cloths, major portion of her routine schedule was allocated towards cleanliness & housekeeping. A dirt free home is the wish of almost every family.  Even Meeta had arranged to sterilize her house. While her house was being cleaned all the garbage was getting abandoned into the nearby street. Litter generated inside house got dumped on the road side. This speaks about shortsightedness, “My house should be clean inside it does not matter if there is garbage outside”. Such individuals who demonstrate absolute lack of social responsibility should be condemned.  

Come deepawali and multifarious kind of crackers can be found creating noise pollution round the clock. The fireworks have become an almost integral part of this auspicious festival. It’s no more only the kids who have fun out of fireworks, it’s the grownups who play it more. Not many are aware that as per law it is banned to fire crackers with more than 125 decibel at four meter distance. Further there is a time limit beyond which one is not allowed to fire sound creating crackers. Insensitive and unlawful people do not bother about these rules. One can always expect ear deafening mid night blasts on the festival days. Their enjoyment seems to be more in breaking these rules and less in enjoying the festival.

I really get disquiet thinking how dreaded the new born babies would be in the birth centers or maternities on the day of sound and fireworks. Sometimes there are chances that this cacophony can even hurt a fetus in the womb. As a responsible citizen of this society we should be sensitive to these situations. If there is a hospital around or sick people in the neighborhood we should restrain from using high decibel crackers. The high level of noise generated by the crackers cause immense suffering not just human beings but also to birds and animals. Excessive noise can sometimes even cause hearing loss, high blood pressure or heart attack!

There is one sad angle to these crackers, few of us would know that the firecrackers which we use are mostly made by very young children in the factories. These child labours work under extreme unhygienic conditions and a continuous life threat. Since the substances being handled are extremely toxic many of these children get sick. The repercussions are absolutely fetal for these teenagers.

The fun and joy of watching the firecrackers is temporary. Permanent is the air pollution derived out of these crackers. Before bursting crackers for Diwali think twice and enlighten yourself towards the hazards that boisterous celebrations poses to our environment.  The toxic substances used in the firecrackers releases noxious gases which are harmful to the health of all living beings.  The heavy smoke is particularly harmful for eye, asthma & heart patients. Careless use of crackers in the vicinity of combustible and inflammatory things can cause serious fire accidents.  

It’s worth quoting an illustrious example which I observed last year at the time of holi festival. There was a death in the neighborhood and the families around in the colony decided not to have grand celebrations but limit to a modest event. Only children played with colours in the nearby garden while the senior members of the society gathered at the bereaved family’s house and exhibited their commitment to stand by them even in times of sorrow.

Finally a question to ponder over: what happens on the next day of firing millions of crackers? The streets get clattered with non degradable waste of cracker remains which further harms the environment. Recycling of this waste does not happen for ages. Diwali should be celebrated as a festival of light and not just sound. If at al there has to be a sound it should be the sound of success – a message conveying the victory of good over evil. There should be the theme of purity in the heart and not just cleanliness on the floor. Message here is to celebrate diwali and have as much fun as possible but with equal consideration for everyone and everything around. May the light of hope and happiness spread around this Diwali.


  • Plan to enjoy festival but do respect the well being rights of other people in the society.
  • Cleanliness at home is not enough, one should be clean at hear too.
  • Diwali is the festival of light, not the festival of sound.
  • In the event of fire, extinguish the flame by pouring water. Remember, every major fire is small when it starts.
  • Celebrate Diwali with the sound of success and the light of happiness.

Feedback : Ajit Varwandkar

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Failure should never be over analysed October 15, 2011

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Failure should never be over analysed

Deepansh has been known to be a very good student and all through he achieved A+ grades in his academics. Kinder garden till date he never scored less than 90% marks in any school examination. The recent board examination results however had a different story to tell. Deepansh had slid to B+ grade and percentage of marks obtained went as low as 68%. “There is something really wrong with his health and memory, we should consult a physician”, said his father. “I guess he has a serious emotional issue disturbing him, we should also get an appointment with a psychologist”. His parent’s met the doctor, the counselor, the school teachers, the principal and a few of his friends to know more about “what is going wrong with Deepansh”. Psychologist had certain revelations and the doctor had his prescription. There were rounds of discussions at home on the subject of Deepansh’s failure. It was as if his failure had become a national family issue. All relatives & members of family were trying to speak to Deepansh and counsel him. More study material, better books, exhaustive coaching, nutritious health supplements, focused parental attention, extended study hours etc were the revised interventions in Deepansh’s life.

The result : In the subsequent evaluation his result drooped down to 60%!

Question here is ‘what went wrong’?

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• Your imaginations should be used to lead you to victory and not dump you into failures.

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Think Different and make a difference October 8, 2011

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At a time when tablet computing is becoming the most desired gadget in the universe, Aakash, the world’s cheapest tablet got launched in India on 6th Oct’2011. The other BIG news spreading like wild fire is the death of Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs, American computer entrepreneur and inventor, chairman, and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. This visionary Apple co-founder revolutionized everyday technology in today’s world. What a coincidence that the nano computer device was born just a day before Steve Jobs said good bye to the world!

Born to parent’s who could not feed him grow, Steve jobs was brought up by step parent. While his college days he could not correlate the worth of the academics with the amount of fee charged by the institute and hence he preferred to drop out and leave his higher education mid way. He was thrown out of the company which he created himself. He preferred not to surrender his faith and kept walking along the path crafted by his passion. He ventured into music, computing and animation. When asked about the secret of his success, he once said “Even when you are starving, think different”. His famous quote says: “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Not a surprise that Steve jobs could create three different companies in his short life span of 56 years.

Great leaders do not just create organizations they weave a culture. They do not just lead but also inspire people …………………..  Complete write-up in my forthcoming book…. for announcement on the book title and launch, pl keep visiting www.aglakadam.com  ………………………………………   

Ajit Varwandkar

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Don’t stop at Good, Great is waiting ahead October 3, 2011

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Suppose you are travelling from Delhi to Mumbai and on the way you reach Agra. You are welcomed by some acquaintance of yours in the midway city. Will you consider having arrived at your destination? I am sure you won’t. While the target is to reach Mumbai, Agra is just a milestone. Apparently this looks like a very simpleton fact. Let me present the same situation with a twist. On your one way from one city to other suppose your car gets a flat tyre and cannot move ahead. Will you declare that the target destination is reached? Not really. You will have to find a way out to move ahead. When on road this might seem easy but when travelling on the  journey called life, it becomes tough to distinguish a milestone from a goal.

Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket for India at a very early age and it took him a 22 years long journey to be the part of a World Cup winning team. In the meanwhile he created a history of world records.

…………………..  Complete write-up in my forthcoming book…. for announcement on the book title and launch, pl keep visiting www.aglakadam.com  ……………………………………… 

Never confuse a milestone as the ultimate destination on the road to success.

Ajit Varwandkar


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