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The unorganised Career Selection June 8, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in career guidance and counselling.
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Since the days I have got into the career selection mode for my self, I have been intreguied by this question.. ” what would be the right career for me?” I am a mechanical engineer ( frankly got into engineering by default / peer push!).. realised I am not a la Engineer.. hence got into management and secured an MBA degree in MArketing from IMS Indore. Well this was also not the destination, hence did a post graduation into HR.

Well the message here is, it takes a long journey to reach your most preferred career in the absence of proper counseling and guidance….

Selecting the right career is a real challange .. specially when you are at Career Crossroads .. all reads may lead to no where or wherever.. depends….

We took this challange as an opportunity area.. to start of some where and give direction to career aspirant youth …..

Ideally career journey should consiously start at middle school level… ( in Indian education context) …. basic aptitudes & interests determine the subject selection at this stage ….

aglakadam.com is the right interface here for the students.. it intends to connect students to career ..

I invite you to please visit us at aglakadam.com… I know this is just a begning and lot of revisions and renovations will only give a more fruitful shape to aglakadam.com. But all this will come only after the thrid eye participation and feedback…

I anxiously wait for your review / critic and feedback on aglakadam.com


Ajit Varwandkar


aglakadam – your next step June 8, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in career guidance and counselling.
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aglakadam is a blog catering to the career steps of the students ….

for more details please login to http://www.aglakadam.com