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Failure should never be over analysed October 15, 2011

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Failure should never be over analysed

Deepansh has been known to be a very good student and all through he achieved A+ grades in his academics. Kinder garden till date he never scored less than 90% marks in any school examination. The recent board examination results however had a different story to tell. Deepansh had slid to B+ grade and percentage of marks obtained went as low as 68%. “There is something really wrong with his health and memory, we should consult a physician”, said his father. “I guess he has a serious emotional issue disturbing him, we should also get an appointment with a psychologist”. His parent’s met the doctor, the counselor, the school teachers, the principal and a few of his friends to know more about “what is going wrong with Deepansh”. Psychologist had certain revelations and the doctor had his prescription. There were rounds of discussions at home on the subject of Deepansh’s failure. It was as if his failure had become a national family issue. All relatives & members of family were trying to speak to Deepansh and counsel him. More study material, better books, exhaustive coaching, nutritious health supplements, focused parental attention, extended study hours etc were the revised interventions in Deepansh’s life.

The result : In the subsequent evaluation his result drooped down to 60%!

Question here is ‘what went wrong’?

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• Your imaginations should be used to lead you to victory and not dump you into failures.

Feedback : Ajit Varwandkar

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