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What not to miss on Basant Panchami January 28, 2012

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Think wise and become beautiful


Today is Basant Panchami – a festival celebrated to the worship of Goddess of knowledge and learning, Mother Saraswati. In today’s write-up let’s get acquainted with the significance of this festival through the props as we see in the pictures of Goddess. Mythological portraying of Goddess Saraswati depicts her as a woman wearing white colour dress ornamented with white pearls while she is sitting on a white lotus. She holds white colour flowers in her hands and she holds a string-instrument called Veena.


The White Colour :


The most prominent feature in the Goddess’s portrait is the white colour. White embodies faith and signifies success. A white flag represents peace and truce. White means safety and usually has a positive connotation. White is associated with hospitals, doctors, and sterility.   A colour indicating transcendence, a new-born child is usually wrapped in a white colour dress and when the soul departs it is also covered in a white coffin.


In profession and business, white is associated with transparence, fair play, cleanliness and simplicity. It’s the color of snow and demonstrates cool temperament. White is an open canvass for unlimited imaginations; angels ( paris) in stories for children are usually imagined wearing white clothes.  In management parlance we differentiate jobs basis colours. The nomenclature goes like this white collar jobs, blue collar jobs etc.  White collar work means a high level of education and a flashy job profile. A job that might need formal attire and would fetch high salaries.


White is associated with goodness, purity and is considered to be the color of perfection. White is the colour of truth and wisdom. It is the wise who wins and the successful  is one who has power. With so much of a significance to this colour, the Goddess of wisdom inspires us to acquire eternal knowledge and divine wisdom.


The Lotus : 


Lotus is a spiritual symbol in various cultures across the world . In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus is considered a sacred flower.  It is a symbol of growth, continuity. It also represents life  and its buds symbolizes unyielding potential.


We all know the proverb that a lotus blooms in marsh.  A symbol of purity and resurrection the lotus blossoms pure from within untidy waters. Spiritually speaking the human journey transacts from a contaminated world of thoughts to the enlightened state of oneness. In the same way as the lotus flower goes through its growth phases : emerges from dirty water to become a beautiful flower.


To the common man this flower suggests success under difficult situations. Your current circumstances do not decide your success or failure. In fact it is your current state of mindset which defines the future course of your life. Think wise and become beautiful. The lotus makes its way through water and rises above its surface with glory. It remains in water but is not incapacitated by it.  You might have been born to poor parents or you might find yourself in the state of a mess but as the lotus suggests, you surely have the chance to bring out and see the beauty of victory.



Hamsa (The Swan) & the Peacock :-  


Goddess Saraswati is portrayed sitting along with a white swan on one side and a peacock on the other.  A white swan represents purity and an uncompromising attitude for virtues.  It is known to have a tremendous amount of discriminating power. The swan’s beak is very sensitive – it can even separate the milk from water. A lesson to be learned is to learn to  discriminate the right from the wrong and always be on the correct path. On the contrary the bird Peacock is profusely influenced by weather conditions & shows versatile swings in its moods. It dances in ecstasy when the spring beacons and it cries in agony when it is separated from its mate.


The Swan represents the head and the peacock indicates the heart. Goddess Saraswati teaches the human beings to keep a perfect balance between the head and heart. It educates us to lead an emotionally intelligent lifestyle.


The Veena –


This sitar like instrument symbolizes harmony in life. The music of life will sound melodious only when it is in rhythm. It is basically the music inside our mind which soothes us and not what we listen through our ears. It is the cumulative sound created by our thoughts and actions which create the music in our universe.


Whatever we feel delivers sorrow or happiness. We become what we think. The veena with Goddess prescribes us to be in sync with positive and powerful thoughts. Let the music of success play inside your soul, only then you will be able to attain it practically.


The Book :-


A  book in the hands of Goddess does not just underline the importance of acquiring knowledge it also admonishes us to learn to assimilate as much information as we can. This is the internet world and information is power. In order to be successful it is imperative to always be online with the latest in technology and wisdom.


On this day of Basant Panchami I pray to the goddess to bless the complete humanity with the divine wisdom, success and greatest happiness.


By : Ajit Varwandkar


Feedback : md@fsindia.in



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