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The Right Thinking MBA’s July 16, 2010

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It is always refreshing to meet the fresh batch of students getting into the colleges. You not only get inspired by the indomitable energy of the youth but also get new dimensions of thought processes. I try never to miss any opportunity which comes my way to interact with the real young world! Recently I had an opportunity to visit a few management institutes to address the upcoming new batch management students in the new session. The students were all energetic though the teachers had different stream of thoughts. I share two such thought streams here :

Thought Stream I : What ever action or activity one does in life is an out come of either of the following two functions :

1. Its your responsibility
2. Its your choice

Professor Saket shares his experience and encourages students to think on these lines. He says in case you are doing an activity because it is your responsibility, you are not likely to be successful in the activity. Your performance of that activity may deliver results but may not give you happiness and satisfaction. He goes ahead to suggest the students that they should follow the following two rules :

a) Convert your responsibility into your choice.
b) If rule a above is not possible, do not do the activity!

Thought Stream I : Professor Suyash speaks out his experience to the MBA students & tells them that there are only two rules in the corporate world :

1. Only the boss is always right.
2. If this does not work follow the rule no 1.

Think of it.. if such is the first lesson to be taught in the management school, what can you expect the future managers in the country to deliver?

    Excellence Lesson :

When we orient our students to take on the challenges of the corporate world we need to ensure that they do not enter the business world with a fixed set of mind frame. The students should be given the facts & figures to think over. They should be enabled to research & think over the data.

  • They should be taught to think transparently, logically, objectively and there by reach to a decision.
  • One of the biggest challenges with today’s management institutions is to focus on delivering & inculcating the thinking skills. If we do not teach our students to “think right” they will not grow up to identify the right solutions. By default we are delivering the follower managers, not the leader managers from our institutes today. The major share of responsibility to teach this lies with our professors & teachers in the management institutes.

    I am reminded of Edward De Bono’s concept of

      Six Thinking Hats

    which is a powerful tool to help one to look at important decisions from a number of different perspectives. It helps in taking better decisions. It pushes one outside the habitual ways of thinking. I suggest this should be one of the first lessons to be taught to our students preparing for the corporate world.

    It so happens that thoughts fail to or are biased from the view point of emotional, intuitive, creative or negative ideas. Similarly it may also happen that while making a decision a manager may be excessively defensive and dogmatic.

    Always remember that successful people think from a very rational, positive viewpoint, and this is a very important reason behind their success. Make a glossary of successful managers and check it out for yourself. An MBA in today’s world without an independent, fact based, lateral & justified thinking ability is not likely to grow up the success echelons.

    Ajit Varwandkar
    Managing Director,
    FS Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.