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Next Time December 31, 2011

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Next Week, Next Level

Happy New Year 2012 to all the readers.

Life keeps moving, irrespective of the days and the dates. We keep accommodating our wishes and actions as per the current realities. You surely have dreams to achieve. What looked achievable and easy at the start, sometimes becomes elusive way ahead.. What was a desire some months back gets thrown out of the priority list. A friend of mine quipped yesterday, “This year no resolutions for me. Enough is enough, I am now scared of the avalanche of false promises accumulated year after year. I won’t have this monkey on my back anymore.”

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Happy Next Level to all of you…

Best Wishes. God Bless You all.

 Ajit Varwandkar

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Never write-off anyone in life November 5, 2011

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Never write-off anyone in life

I have been a keen cricket enthusiast right from my school days.  It’s an all together different fact that I was never considered as a useful cricket player by my friends. In those day’s children who were not considered good either at batting or at bowling but still insisted to play along with others on the ground were asked to stand behind the stumps or at short mid on or at third man position. When the number of players were more than 11 I had to sit in the pavilion and do the score counting job. As such most of the times I used to play as a wicket keeper and never bothered about the partial treatment being given to me.  I loved the game and used to enjoy it a lot.

I share an incidence which turned around my image as a cricketer in my locality.

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Failure should be considered as a relearning detour.

Feedback : Ajit Varwandkar

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Don’t stop at Good, Great is waiting ahead October 3, 2011

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Suppose you are travelling from Delhi to Mumbai and on the way you reach Agra. You are welcomed by some acquaintance of yours in the midway city. Will you consider having arrived at your destination? I am sure you won’t. While the target is to reach Mumbai, Agra is just a milestone. Apparently this looks like a very simpleton fact. Let me present the same situation with a twist. On your one way from one city to other suppose your car gets a flat tyre and cannot move ahead. Will you declare that the target destination is reached? Not really. You will have to find a way out to move ahead. When on road this might seem easy but when travelling on the  journey called life, it becomes tough to distinguish a milestone from a goal.

Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket for India at a very early age and it took him a 22 years long journey to be the part of a World Cup winning team. In the meanwhile he created a history of world records.

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Never confuse a milestone as the ultimate destination on the road to success.

Ajit Varwandkar


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I don’t – NO April 23, 2011

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To pretend what you are not is a fetal error. It has been my conviction that “pretend” is a word which suites only those who are on the path to success. It is said that if you think you are not successful, does not matter, just pretend in front of the world that you are successful. Alternately when you are sad, pretend to yourself that “you are happy”, after some time the feeling of sadness will dilute. It works. It actually works wonders, take this tip and try once if you need to. Other than this anywhere else in life pretend is not a useful word / behavior. Life is not a fancy dress show where one pretends something or someone else. I quote a few observations where pretention is wrongly used by people in day to day life.
This starts right from the school days.

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Ajit Varwandkar
Email : info@fsindia.in

Hang On, Look Inside March 21, 2011

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I am sharing one real life story of a car driver. This is what I observed once on the city main road. A high value car was moving at a very fast pace. While passing by a temple it marginally managed not to run over a flower vendor. Looked like the car driver was not in his proper senses. Coincidentally I and that car were both moving on the same route. A few yards ahead the car wrongly undertook a moving van and made a rash left turn on the road which would take us to the city hospital. I could make it that there was an emergency and may be the car driver was in a hurry to take the patient to the doctor. When it comes to saving life, a bit of rule breaking here and there can be overlooked. I sympathized with the sick person inside.

However what I saw ahead was an eye opener for me. That car did not move inside the hospital but whizzed ahead with full speed making brash horn noise daringly in front of the “No Horn” Hospital zone. There was no regard for the traffic signal’s mourning on the road side. The car was now running on the road to the city airport. Further ahead I saw this car suddenly dropping down its speed and moving very slowly over a large size speed breaker. A double standard behavior was demonstrated by this care driver; while he was driving so carelessly within the city he was extremely careful not to drive fast over the speed breaker!

The individual driving that car was not at all bothered about the safety of the people on & off the road. Neither there was any emergency nor he was drunk. In fact he had no respect for the traffic rules & no empathy for the patients struggling for health in the hospitals. He was though extremely careful not to speed the car over the speed breaker lest the car suspension system might get damaged and it would incur him inconvenience! He seemed to be extremely selfish and socially irresponsible. I thought it was a high value car driven by a value less creature inside!

Many times I had cursed those frequent large sized speed breakers on roads in many Indian cities. But I now realized that simply putting a go slow traffic sign post is not sufficient to inspire an individual to honor the safety & security rights of the people on the road. I have seen it many times; people driving a vehicle prefer not to respect the traffic sign when no one is watching them. With the ever dipping human sensitivity the height of the speed breaker on the road was proportionately increasing day by day. People who are extremely selfish, will stop or slow down only when it would threaten to impact them directly and not when others might get the blow.

Such horrible exposures on roads are not uncommon today. The hopeless person driving that car is not just one example of human insensitivity. One comes across many such incidents at various other occasions in multiple formats. It is said that man is a social animal but the fact is now changing for some people for whom I can say “man is less social and more animal”! (saying this might as well be a disrespect for most of the animals!).

I would like to quote one more road side behavior of unsocial people – ‘peeing on the roadside’. Invariably we find men using the road side for urinal even in daylight. This is so unhygienic and unfortunate. I consider this as a gross disrespect for the ladies and the society. Once upon a time a person used to look for a hide, deep inside somewhere, but now-a-days anyplace on the road side is not a problem. This is not because of the lack of hygiene infrastructure facilities, I have seen people from well to do families shamelessly defecating on the roads even in residential places crowded with families around. For such people the only criterion to release themselves in public area is to ensure that the place is far off from their home. As long as their near and dear ones are not aware of such a public demonstration, it is ok for them to convert anyplace into a urinal!
I have one observation here : with ever increasing insensitivity of such human beings, the majority of good people in the society is getting desensitized. Whatever may be the reason but the tolerance quotient of decent and sensible human beings is ever increasing now a days. Common man on the road prefers to close eyes and move ahead when unsocial people are found creating non sense on the road.

Yet another experience comes when people play colours on the road. Festival of holi is a wonderful way to celebrate & welcome a season change. It teaches us to accept various colours of life in totality and keep smiling. Unfortunately on the day of holi we get to see the weak side of human character. On the day when people play with colours, you will find many people making noise and yelling abuses on the roads! Is this what a festival is meant for? No, but it happens and the only reason why it happens is because people doing such notorious acts feel they have hidden themselves behind the mask of holi colours and as such no one will recognize them! They tend to reveal their true unsocial self!

Friends its time for all of us to Hang On & Look Inside. Generally we do not attempt to even admonish that rash car driver or the person using road side as a urinal or the one abusing on a festive day. Do we? Something within us is changing very rapidly. We have subconsciously started accepting unsocial behaviors as a part of life. We now subscribe to the philosophy that it’s better to be prepared & proactive than to react and raise voice against unworthy elements. This is what we teach our children today. We educate them more on self defense & self restraint.

My understanding is that we still have more than 80% of socially decent & sensitive human beings around us but the balance 20% is a potential threat for the progeny. It’s time we start inculcating social responsibility in our children so that the future generation reaps the fruits of socially sensitive environment. Only teaching vices will not work, we elders have the utmost responsibility to collectively execute “responsible behavior”! Austerity begins at home. We can start teaching social responsibility first by way of demonstrating the desired behavior at home. We will have to make everyone understand that “Character is what we do when no one is watching us”. It is my vehement appeal to our schools, societies and parents to take an initiative in their own capacities to address this issue. A journey of thousand miles starts with the very first step, please do take one step in this direction. This write-up is my first step, I invite all of you to join here and convert this attempt into a social movement.

Ajit Varwandkar
Contact : info@fsindia.in

DIE first, FLY Next March 15, 2011

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Two friends when they passed by a mansion in the city, one of them remarked “the owner of this bungalow was once an ordinary man. He used to be our next door neighbor in the old city. Now luck has been benevolent and this fellow has become a millionaire!” One comes across such observations quiet very often in life. I strongly believe that it is not just luck which determines why people achieve glory and success in life, there must be some foolproof force steering them.

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What you do today determines how you live tomorrow.


 Ajit Varwandkar
Contact : info@fsindia.in

Modern Multitasking Men September 2, 2010

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Modern Multitasking Men

In today’s fast-paced world, it may seem impossible to only focus on one thing at a time. You answer a phone call while in discussions with your team and also simultaneously respond to email queries! With mobile hand phone the fashion of multitasking has become more wide spread. You run down a lift and find 10 different people speaking on ten different subjects to ten different receivers! Multitasking isn’t it? Multitasking is a much revered skill at the workplace today.

The question is – how do we define multitasking? Does it mean doing several things at the same time? Is it the eureka of time management that we have discovered off late? Does it entail juggling several jobs or assignments? Does it mean having diverse skills and making optimum use of them?

Managers in this corporate world are supposed to learn multitasking else there growth gets restricted. Gone are the days of specialists working & focusing only on one job at a time. Today only researchers and scientists do so, rest of the world is compelled to multitask to survive. Attempts to multitask can be honed and polished into a fine skill by some and could just backfire with others.

The best & the most productive example of multitasking ever observed is that of a mother & a housewife. Just visualize her role in the household every morning. Husband has to go on work while kids have to go to school. If there are elders at home, they have their set of needs and demands coinciding at the same time.

This lady cooks food & prepares breakfast for husband and kids simultaneously, she listens to some music and simultaneously helps the children arrange their school bags and other necessities, in the meanwhile if there is any vendor on the front door say the milk man or the laundry guy, she responds to them as well… All this she does while maintaining a magical equipoise! Not that multitasking is supposed to be only for women but I feel it comes more handy for her to do so!

Effective multitasking :

1. I feel that Multitasking can actually be a fruitful tool only when the work does not demand constant observation & when the information needs to flow fast. Answering a phone call or responding to email while you’re working on something else can be important, especially if the information sought by the other party is critical in nature.
2. Multitasking comes handy when you are doing a routine job. You have gained thorough expertise to perform even with the lowest of your concentration. Example you are running some automated machine where the instructions are preset, you can aswell venture into any additional job role simultaneously.
3. Multitasking can also be a useful strategy when you get stuck. Sometimes it can be useful to focus on a difficult task. But when you reach a roadblock, it can be equally valuable to walk away and do something else while your mind ponders the issue. When you return to the task with fresh focus, you’re more likely to be able to get along.

However there are a few example of wrong application of this concept of multitasking :

• Once I observed a physician ( a doctor) while he had glued the stethoscope on the poor patients heart , he was actually finalizing a deal over phone simultaneously!
• Students while studying put on the radio or their Ipod, yes the sms factory keeps working seamlessly
• We can see people in engrossed communications while driving a car or a two wheeler
• Offering Puja to God while your eyes are on the newspaper or the cooker on the stove in the kitchen!
• A cashier counting notes with eyes on the television screen in front of him.
• A gentle man takes his laptop to fresh room while potty time! Oops multitasking at its worst!

Friends like very good habit, multitasking could as well be fruitful provided you execute it tactfully. Honesty this is the key to doing more than one thing and being present in more than one place at the same time. It is YOU who has to make the decision & the choice to set simultaneously into action!

Ajit Varwandkar
Author is Managing Director FS Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Can be contacted on info@fsindia.in

Some children do have Differential Learning Ability .. we need to just encourage & explore November 12, 2009

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Tare Jameen Pe was a thought revolution. Just think…

Today in 21st Century we have to run to stay where we are.. to move ahead we have to struggle our way amidst a huge set of challenges and obstacles…. Survival is a struggle in todays cut throat competitive world. One’s abilities and education are on real test of fitness as on date.

In such a scenario how often do we empathise with children having learning disabilities! Leave the world aside, even parent’s do not recognize this for their children…

I am of the opinion that children with learning disability deserve the same growth opportunities as any normal people have. Usually Children with learning disabilities do struggle with homework for obvious reasons. They might have retention problems or have difficulty with decoding words or calculating mathematical equations, but we should not forget that GOD had also gifted special ability to children with learning disability and that special ability is the way towards fame.

How can we forget Albert Einstein the Mathematician/Physicist who had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing maths in school, but today he is known as “Father of Modern Physics”.

The only effort requires by us is try to become a teacher like Aamir khan (role played by him in “Tarre zameen Par”). Parents are require to motivate their child with learning disability for improving their Special ability and can make career in the same. Their special ability can either be in painting, singing, swimming, dancing or could be anything.

I appreciate to those producers’ directors who throw light on the issues of career for children with learning disability, now it’s our turn to make a career of “children with learning disability in their special ability”

Richa Gurwani / http://www.aglakadam.com // 1.59 am // 12.11.2009

BE + DO = HAVE SUCCESS October 31, 2009

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Connecting students from education to career


Is there any formula for success? Does Mathematics do have a relationship with success? Why not…Like there are many ways to conquer a mountain, Similarly, there are many ways to get success aswell….

However ultimately it’s one’s responsibility to differentiate among the pathways and choose the most suited ideal way.

I know a very simple formula which if implemented can do wonders in our business and life. But just because it is simple doesn’t make it easy. So… what is that formula….??

All of us know that in order to HAVE anything in life; we need to DO something to achieve it. Like a map is of no value if you just stand there looking at it. Unless you start your journey, you’ll never reach your destination.

Now, DO-ing is not the only thing you need to change in order to HAVE something. To DO the right things demands us to BE a right person for that. You must also BE-come the person who would DO these things well and thus HAVE the things you desire.
You must develop the identity, beliefs and values and acquire the characteristics that can lead you to success. It is often seen that people lacking these values and characteristics find them worse off in a short period even though some times they may have achieved success in short span of time.

Thus, the formula is,


CHARACTERISTICS (In borne or inculcated) + EFFORTS (positive) = SUCCESS

You also must remember that DO-ing is as important as or even more important than BE-ing.

Shilpa Sharma, http://www.aglakadam.com / 12.28 pm / 31.10.2009