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चॉकलेट खाएं, तनाव भगाएं November 30, 2009

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आज हम एक ऐसी दुनिया में रहते हैं, जहां तनाव हमारे जीवन का एक हिस्सा बन गया है। , कि यह हमारे लिए तनाव के बिना जीवन की कल्पना करना असंभव है। …
दिन भर भाग-दौड़, दिन भर काम! ऐसे में आपकी सेहत पर बुरा असर पड़ता है। और जाने-अनजाने आप बन जाते हैं तनाव के शिकार। तनाव लगता तो सामान्य है, लेकिन यह कई मुश्किलें खड़ी कर सकता है।जीवन बहुधा बोझिल हो जाता है। हर रोज बहुत से काम करने होते हैं, बहुत सी जगहों पर जाना होता है, विभिन्न तरीकों से व्यवहार करना होता है तथा भांति-भांति के लोगों से मिलना होता है। हर किसी के समय संबंधी मांगों से निपटने के अपने तरीके होते है।

कोई किसी-न-किसी चिंता में घिरा रहता है। सिर्फ मुंबई की ही बात करें तो एक सर्वे के मुताबिक 100 में 99 लोगों को तनाव है, चाहे घर में, बाजार में या फिर दफ्तर में। कई लोग अपने दफ्तर के काम को घर ले आते हैं और परिवार को पर्याप्त समय नहीं दे पाते हैं, जिससे बढ़ जाता है घर में तनाव।

एक नई शोध से पता चलता है कि डार्क चॉकलेट का सेवन करने से तनाव दूर होता है.

नेस्ले रिसर्च सेंटर, स्वित्ज़रलैंड के भारतीय मूल के संशोधक सुनिल कोचर और उनके साथियों ने अपने अभ्यास में पाया कि डार्क चॉकलेट में पाए जाने वाले एंटीओक्सिडेंट से दिल की बिमारियों तथा अन्य हृदय संबंधित विकारों में कमी आ सकती है. इसके अलावा चॉकलेट से भावनात्मक तनाव भी दूर होता है.

हाल ही में किए गए एक अध्ययन के अनुसार लगातार दो सप्ताह तक एक दिन में आधा चॉकलेट खाने से तनाव उत्पन्न करने वाले हार्मोन का स्तर शरीर में घट जाता है। इसके साथ ही चॉकलेट शरीर में तनाव संबंधी जैव रसायनिक असंतुलन को भी सही करता है। उल्लेखनीय है कि चॉकलेट से होने वाले फायदे को जानने के लिए यह अध्ययन किया गया था।

वर्षा वरवँड़कर,कैरियर मनोवैज्ञानिक

अगला कदम . कॉम


Mouse beats Cat .. Students Suffer November 30, 2009

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Last two days I have been observing the happenings in the world of education and careers. Thousands and lacks of career aspirants putting ahead their next step ( aglakadam ) into the CAT trap.. just to find that, for a change, this ime the Mouse has trapped the Cat …

Well this now looks a as an issue more serious than just a technical bug.. an examination f the international stature being conducted across the globe for admissions to an institute which is identified to churn out the Best of the best human resource to the industry.. could not even manage an entrance test… Is Technology so unmanageable in today’s world of hi tech revolution?

Or is this the out sourcing which is the culprit! but then an institute of the stature of IIM is only expected to outsource such critical function into a highly reputed and well trained & safe hands .. well Prometrics is a name of repute.. but is it that they were over confidant and did underestimate the technical challenges in the process..

Whatever may be the issue, this flaw of CAT examination mismanagement has highlighted a few thoughts :

1. Utter failure of a MANAGEMENT institute of world repute to MANAGE entrance examination! जिसकी एंट्रंस ऐसी हो, आगे क्या होगा (Jiski Entrance aisi ho, age kya hoga)?

2. Total lack of planning, no rehearsal before actual execution!

3. Failure of Outsourcing model in conducting online examinations!

4. Failure of antivirus protection systems, how safe are our websites?

Whatever may the reasons, the losers are the serious students who intended to appear for the CAT examination.. as is well known that this test is not just the test of your IQ & subject knowledge it as well tests you EQ… one needs to be well prepared, more than well studied to take on the tests.. I have seen students into the process of mental make over just before CAT examination dates .. they all will have to redo their efforts .. A few such students have their academic calendar’s ahead and some had even booked travel reservations for successive dates .. those from small cities and towns…

Is the IIM listening to the problems faced by such students?

Ajit Varwandkar / http://www.aglakadam.com // 30.11.2009

Is the IIM pussyCAT loosing its charm? November 28, 2009

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Is CAT loosing its charm?

Last year, nearly 276,000 students across India took the test. This year around 50,000 students are expected to appear for the exam over a 10-day period.
( reports : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Computer-servers-crash-on-first-day-of-online-CAT-Reports/articleshow/5278959.cms#write)

The Common Admission Test has gone hi tech and on line this year onwards; In my opinion this has to do with the IIM trying to make the examination process simpler, faster and transparant. Is it because the test is going hi tech that there is less number of aspirants! At least this seems to be thought process of experts!

But I don’t think so. Todays generation is not at all tech afraid. In fact you give a latest technology gizmo to a class 7th student the chances are that she will decipher all the manual features in just a few minutes! Computer windows are very much comfortable for CAT aspirants by and large …

At least in todays Hi Tech era, Technology should not be blamed for less number of CAT participants ….

I am of the opinion that the new technical format of CAT has ensured that the Munnabhai’s are eliminated. I stand one to one informed by some CAT preparation coaching center owners that they used to encourage studets to appear for the CAT one year in advance, i.e. when they are not eligible & are in the preparation stage… I guess all these applicants got eliminated.

Further there could be hoste of pseudo CAT applicants who earlier did appear for tests only to take record of the test pattern and immediately after the tests they used to vomit the questions to the CAT Preparation centers to help them prepare their guess works, the markatable dossairs etc. Such participants would not have got an opportunity to appear for test this year.

Or is it because of the recession that people have lost charm for the management education? If this is so then the fate of the thousands and lacks of the B Schools Private Limiteds is under threat!

But for the bug at certain examination centers, due to which it is reported that the CAT had to be rescheduled today ( i.e. on 28.11.2009), I feel the new technological format of CAT is an excellent move and the organisers should be encouraged.

I invite friends to think over reasons for less number of CAT aspirants this year.. come lets explore …

Ajit Varwandkar / http://www.aglakadam.com / 28.11.2009

Irony, IIM’s could not MANAGE CAT well! November 28, 2009

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Common Admission Test, one of the biggest and the toughest MBA entrance examination which was scheduled to begin from today has been cancelled at some centers, as per some TV news reports. Students were sent back to homes. All shocked!

CAT is believed to be the golden opportunity to get into your dream land, IIMs, the biggest Business Schools in the country. Many of the students were already lost in their dreamland when suddenly their dream got a jolt with the cancellation of examination in many of the test centres.

CAT examination did not go online properly at some centers and has been reported to be put off on account of some technical problem server crash. However IIM Authorities have denied any such reports of cancellation of examination due to any technical/network problems. However they said that examination was not cancelled but rescheduled at certain test centres which are Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore, Pune and Bhopal because many of the students had signed up in multiple test centres.

Whatsoever may be the reason for the snag, ultimately it was the students who were affected the most. First of all, the examination pattern was completely new for them. Then the system was still in its experimental phase. It takes a hell lot of mind set frame work to get prepared to take on the tests.. many students had alternate plans for days just after the test, all squandered now.. We stand informed that Prometrics has done the technology for these test. Such tests should not be organized in jest. Proper piloting with simulation exercise should be role played to understand the challenges in advance.. for an institution like IIM, this does not project proper MANAGEMENT!!

Students, who had to appear in today’s examination, are in a state of confusion about the next examination dates and test centres. However online guides and directional maps have been made available for the students’ convenience.

Since the IIMs are the autonomous bodies, whatever decision they come up with shall be final. But let’s take it as a chance for those who still feel their preparation not up to the mark…and hope that the students will be back with fresh mind and preparation… Get going you still have an opportunity to BELL the CAT!

Shilpa Sharma / http://www.aglakadam.com / 28.11.2009 / 3.03 pm

कैट—सर्वर डाउन November 28, 2009

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रायपुर २८-११-०९
कैट की ऑनलाइन परीक्षा देने वाले छात्रों को सर्वर डाउन की दिक्‍कत से दो-चार होना पड़ा। भोपाल में ऑनलाइन परीक्षा के एकमात्र सेंटर पहुंचे छात्रों को बताया गया कि सर्वर डाउन होने की वजह से परीक्षा का पहला सत्र नहीं दिया जा सकेगा। ऐसी ही दिक्‍कत कोलकाता में भी आई। वहां भी एक सेंटर पर सर्वर डाउन होने की वजह से छात्र परीक्षा नहीं दे सके।

— कई शहरों में इस तरह की परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ रहा है। दूसरा सत्र शुरू हो पाएगा या नहीं यह कहना अभी मुश्किल है। गौरतलब है कि देशभर के 32 शहरों के 105 सेंटर्स पर इस वर्ष कैट की ऑनलाइन परीक्षा आयोजित की गई है।

वर्षा वरवँड़कर,कैरियर मनोवैज्ञानिक

अगला कदम . कॉम

CAT is not the END of Life .. still do ring the BELL November 27, 2009

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Many of the MBA career aspirants are ready for the battle, all of them trying to bell this CAT (Common Admission Test). Just one day to go for the examination and students’ heart beats already thumping high. Combined Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs is believed to be one of the toughest exam in the world, more gruelling than the GRE and the GMAT put together.

Where the number of applications has decreased this time due to online examination system, the stress level has also been doubled.

But don’t worry!!! Even daring to face it is itself a bold step towards your dream.
It doesn’t matter what you have done till now as you can’t change it. What matters is that what shall you do from now onwards to make that change..

It is not always necessary that everybody can and will be able to crack the test with ease in the first attempt. I have seen many people with far worse percentiles. No person is defeated until and unless he believes that. So never let the option of defeat for yourself. CAT is not the end of life… There are many more options available in life.

Cracking CAT is also not an impossible target .. many students achieve this target year on year …. It just needs the right preparation, passion and approach. Afterall the achievers are also the simple students like us and not the superheroes…Moreover the word impossible itself says,”I M POSSIBLE.”

Always remember..”Hard work never goes waste and always shows it’s colour in some or the other form.”

My Best Wishes to all the MBA aspirants…

Shilpa Sharma / http://www.aglakadam.com / 27.11.2009 /

तनाव प्रबंधन November 27, 2009

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रायपुर ,२७-११-०९
तनाव मानव जाति को आधुनिक जीवनशैली के परिणामस्‍वरूप मिलने वाला एक अवांछित प्राकृतिक उपहार है। जबकि तनाव से मुक्‍त रहना कठिन है, फिर भी जीवनशैली में कुछ मूलभूत बदलावों को लाकर और निम्‍नलिखित कुछ सरल उपाय अपनाकर तनाव के स्‍तर को काफी ह‍द तक कम रखा जा सकता है।

तनाव से निपटने के लिए नीचे दिए गए चरण अपनाएं:

हंसना: जहां तक संभव हो जोर से हंसें। याद रखें हंसना मुफ्त मिलने वाली सबसे अच्‍छी दवा है।
अच्‍छी तरह सोएं: एक गहरी नींद से बेहतर तनाव से मुक्‍त होने की कोई और तकनीक नहीं है। रात को देर तक नहीं जागे, बल्कि सुबह जल्‍दी उठें और अपने रूके हुए काम पूरे करें।
एक संतुलित भोजन लें: धीरे धीरे खाएं और अपने भोजन को एक आनंदायक रूप में लें।
नियमित व्‍यायाम करें: शारीरिक व्‍यायाम तनाव को कम करने की सर्वोत्तम विधियों में से एक है। मन को प्रसन्‍न रखने के लिए कुछ एक काम करें जैसे कि टहलना, तैरना, जोगिंग, टेनिस खेलना या साइकिल चलाना। प्रति सप्‍ताह कम से कम तीन घण्‍टे किसी एक प्रकार की गतिविधि को करें।
अपने आध्‍यात्मिक जीवन को विकसित करें: अपनी आराधना पर ध्‍यान दें और कुछ समय निकाल कर ध्‍यान मुद्रा में बैठें। अपने मन को साफ करें और शांतिपूर्ण विचारों पर ध्‍यान केन्द्रित करें।—— (राष्‍ट्रीय पोर्टल विषयवस्‍तु प्रबंधन दल)

वर्षा वरवँड़कर,कैरियर मनोवैज्ञानिक

अगला कदम . कॉम

Career Planning November 23, 2009

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Raipur ,23-10-2009
Career planning is the process of making career choices and putting them into action. It’s something you will do time and time

again, throughout your working life

These are listed under the four main stages of the career planning process, which are:

Knowing Yourself – thinking about what you want from work and what you have to offer.
Exploring Your Options – finding out as much as you can about your options (for example, jobs, courses, training and other opportunities).
Making Decisions – focusing on the most suitable options, choosing a career goal and working out how to make it happen.
Moving On – acting on your decision and coping with change (you might change your mind, or your circumstances, and start the whole process again

Varsha Varwandkar ,Consultant Psychologist , http://www.aglakadam.com

Restrict & Articulate Terror born Reports through Terror Reporting Code : November 23, 2009

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Its an year that we all witnessed live coverage of 26/11 for gushing three days … Taj was being bombed, people murdered & fire and smoke touching the sky high.. Such a wide spread coverage of the event gave birth to millions of ( unreported) patients … mostly with some or the other kind of psychic disorder .. thousands of kids are now growing up with some or the other kind of phobia which may be recognized only over age….

The ultimate beneficiaries of such media coverage is those whom we do never intend to benefit.. the terror creators .. we have seen people from within the borders and across the borders resort to terror to enable their dictate! Be it the lashkar threat or the Naxals in Chhattisgarh, the Assam hardliners or the political stewards like MNS or SS … Off late even the media is not spared by the terror creators … When media reports their deeds, all these people get benefitted by the shock waves created in the mind set of common people ..

Terror should be Judiciously reported, we all know this; however here I propose to evolve a code of conduct to guide the terror reporting.I suggest that our Journalist friends to start a debate to evolve and adopt a thorough “Terror Reporting Code” for all such acts of terror and fear.

I have some thought points to start with the evolution of such a Terror Reporting Code :

1. Any act of terror not to be reported as a headline, come what may. ( Print / Paper both)
2. Terror related news to be limited to 100 words.
3. Terror and related news to be on inside pages only.
4. The news headline covering the terror news should be consciously made non glamorous : for example : In place of Shiv Sena goons shatter the media house …. Write Illegal trespassing and dacoit act reported at a media house in Mumbai. ( Not even indirect benefit to be passed on to the people organizing terror)
5. Any TRP workout mechanism to be isolated from terror news reporting times.
6. Review shows / panel discussions / tete-e-tete etc. related to Terror acts to be hosted only in the late night hours.
7. Such shows ( point 6 above) should not be highly advertised.
8. Never ever organize articles / shows on Terror event anniversaries. No one like to revisit horror.

Media is a great power : just like fire, we should be wary lest the terror creators misuse the media as an easy media to promote & encash their heinous acts!

Your thoughts invited …..

Ajit Varwandkar / http://www.aglakadam.com / 11.15 am / 23.11.2009

Slow #Dance — More #Life November 19, 2009

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This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer.She wants to see how many people get her poem. It is quite a poem. This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital .


Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
You better slow down.

Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?
When you ask How are you?
Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores Running through your head?

You’d better slow down
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.

The music won’t last.
Ever told your child,
We’ll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see her sorrow?

Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say,’Hi’

You’d better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift….
Thrown away.

Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.