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Shabash INDIA – WELLDONE Media October 3, 2010

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Finally the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court did pronounce the judgement in the Ayodhya title suit and more than 24 hours over without even a single incident of violence recorded anywhere in the country. This unprecedented situation of peace, unity & harmony in
the country has been a big relaxation to the common man, the society, the business & also the international community. Surely a big part of this success can be attributed to the Indian media because toiday we all rely on media for getting the information from every corner of the world.

The government had taken proactive measures to ensure communal harmony irrespective of the court verdict. Many a advisories had been issued to the various sections of media to restrain caution while interacting with the public through press or electronic methods. News channels were asked to exercise restraint in coverage of the ruling. The high court had even officially asked media not to speculate about the verdict till it has the copy of the operational part of the order in hand. Bulk sms was banned and it was a smart government initiative.

Historically, the most common form of the spread of information has been word of mouth, “Did you know…” sentences keep moving around from mouth to mouth to a never ending destination. The use of technology has accelerated the pace of movement of news. No doubt the media today plays a highly significant role in this and its all around us – it may be newspaper, radio, tv, sms, internet. Infact the flow of information triggers or arrests the growth of our society. Without the support of media, its very difficult to disseminate information across the wide geography!

I am sure when we come to think of 26/11 we all can easily recollect the fires & flames seen and read widely in the contemporary print & electronic media. It was not long back that Indian media was accused of having exceeds its limits in reporting the issue. Reading reports about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai sends shivers down my spine even today. Rather than playing the role of a responsible medium & presenting a balanced and responsible coverage; what happened had stunned the impressions and conclusions of the world around.
Similar was the case of Gujarat riots when the psyche of the nation was fractured in number of ways. Hate waves ruled the nation and thousands lives were lost. Surely media today has demonstrated that it is a powerful medium for instigating change in the society.
My personal understanding is that the bulk of Muslim & Hindu masses in India are absolute peace loving. Though the Ayodhya verdict by its nature of ruling itself did not instigate large scale controversy, still it was sufficient enough to disrupt the nations working for at least a few days or months. Media could have played a very important role in manipulating the situation.

Ayodhya verdict has been a critical milestone for the nation globally as well. The international community was looking at India with a critical eye. Common wealth games ahead and also a heap of investments were at stake for an economy which is just on its way out of the recession.
Unlike past this time, image of the nation did not take a beating in the international community. The most vital reason for the nation’s image management has been the balanced media coverage. Since the international community’s medium of getting Indian information is English, they read only what the English media writes; which this time reflected angle of Indian secular
Looks like our media friends, have been into the introspection mode and have delivered a face of responsibility to the nation. Not even a single channel nor a single newspaper spoke of anything about any event in past related to the Hindu Muslim disharmony. On the contrary
complete media was rife with stories of communal peace. I saw some channel telecast where a Muslim was shown serving the needs of a Temple & the Goddess statues in the temple! Stories in print were read about how Hindu’s have been respecting their Muslim friends religious beliefs and celebrating Eid with them.

This was very sensitive & appreciative on the part of the media that they behaved very responsibly. Every statement printed every coverage telecast was well balanced to my understanding & knowledge. In fact some units went ahead to sponsor advertisements
requesting people of the country to adhere to peace and also suggesting why peace is must for the nation.

It is the responsible & matured behavior of media that the prime concern of National unity and integrity seems to have strengthened post Ayodhya verdict. Nothing wase not blown out of proportion and only positive vibes went into the public. Media infact played a constructive role in promoting mutual understanding among the general public, nothing was found reported out of

In such a sensitive subject concerning the harmony and peace of the nation, media overall took a very transparent and vigilant stance. Ethical and Sensible journalism, Isn’t it? Shabash Media, once again congratulations. Keep it up….

Ajit Varwandkar
Managing Director

Email : info@fsindia.in

PS : Any Media is free to reproduce the contents in this post in part or full without disturbing the intended message in the post.


I shall be happy by the sunshine of tomorrow December 12, 2009

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We are grieved but I know, now you are free
I know you are following the path God has laid for you
You took His hand when you heard Him call
You turned your back and left us all.

I just wish you could have stayed to laugh, yet another day, ,
to be with us and teach us to love, to work and to play.
Don’t you think, once, that some tasks still left undone
And you found that place in Heaven at the end of the day.

This parting has left such a deep void, God knows how to fill
Not just fill the vacuum, I want all the sorrows to be nil.
A relationship shared as a teacher & a friend, a laugh and a kiss,
Alas there is a dictionary of things I am going to miss.

Sir you taught us never to be burdened with sorrow
Life has its own ways, never do worry we should just follow
Since you were too good, Your life time seems so brief,
I promise you sir I shall be happy by the sunshine of tomorrow.

Ajit Varwandkar

Letter to a Guru, a friend, a mentor, a God sent saint, a savior, a vacuum filler, an emotional healer, a living legend, an example of courage and determination Late Dr. Sharad Raghunath Ingle ..

who left us on 9th Dec’2009. He not only survived a deadly cancer for over five years, he also taught mankind how to live and add life to days even when you know days tend to end!

Thanks Amit Ji for the Modern Madhushala December 4, 2009

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Dear Shri Amitabh Ji,

I am one of those thousands and lacs of homosapiens who long to read your blog. Yes, your blog has the magnetic pull & the very fact that I get attracted towards it as well confirms that I do have magnetic properties!

Your blog definitely reflects a “Modern Madhushala” for many people on this earth. It definitely quenches the creative & inquisitive thirst of common man. All such individuals who has an emotionally active corner ticking in their heart, end up getting some or the other “fulfilling message” almost daily from your blog!

One of your recent posts had a statement which inspired me a lot : Enter a hall and occupy the last row, because if they shift you from here you could only be put in a row ahead.”

I wish to share one observation here : Unlike the real world, people rush to get the last seat in a cinema theater! Why? Is it a better strategy that a drama or a fiction is best viewed at a distance! While the realities of life be best encountered on a face to face basis! Wait for your views on this observation.

My best wishes for Paa… This has definitely brought the disease Projeria to the limelight. May this light not end here and wish that it triggers a lot of AID to the countable ( yet unaccounted) Projeria patients across the country.

Best Regards

Ajit Varwandkar
http://www.aglakadam.com / 4.12.2009 / 11.24 am