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विजयादशमी पर्व की शुभकामनाये September 26, 2009

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आप सभी को विजयादशमी पर्व की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाये.आज का दिन तो अपने संकल्पों को पूरा करने का दिन है .याद करिए ऐसे कितने संकल्प है,जो बरसो से पूरा होने की बाट जोह रहे है ,फिर वो संकल्प हो अपने परिवार के साथ सुकून के कुछ पल गुजरने का ,जिसमे में ना हो करियर की बाते, .ना हो ऑफिस का तनाव ,कितने दिन सोचते सोचते बीत गए की आज अपने किसी पुराने दोस्त के यंहा जाया जाये और साथ बैठ कर कुछ फुर्सत के लम्हे बिताये जाये या फिर किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हसायां जाये या फिर देर किस बात की है अपने छोटे छोटे संकल्पों को पूरा कीजिये और अपनों को खुशिया दी जाये —अजित
वरवँड़कर,अगला कदम . कॉम,रायपुर


The Secret of Success September 25, 2009

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Destiny is Simply the Strength of your desire…!

So Its my advise to students to have a very very strong DESIRE to achieve your vision.. your goals, ambitions and targets …

If you develop the necessary desire, destiny will make ways in your favour…

Once a student asked a teacher.. what is the Secret of Success? In reply the teacher asked the student to meet him near the river beach next morning…..

at the beach the teacher started walking inside the river and asked the student to be infront of him… when they where just more than neck deep into the water.. teacher forcefully pushed the students head insde the water .. the student applied reverse pressure to get out of water and breath…..

Teacher said.. son, it was yoour desire to live which made you force out of water….. when you have the same extent of DESIRE to be successful in life… you will definitely be successful….

Ajit Varwandkar, 11.39 AM, 25.09.2009 / http://www.aglakadam.com

Objective Assessment is a Subjective Issue … September 23, 2009

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Now that the board examinations are being scrapped for the class 10th students, the effort is to develop a set of objective questions to evolve the Multiple Objective questions patter of examination ….

While all the competitive examinations are based on objective question based assessment, I do feel that having the process of 100% objective question based assessment will not be just for our students…

There may be students who have an R&D bent of mind, they may be analytically strong and could evolve as good researchers or scientists in times to come….

With only objective assessment pattern, the need for students to get deep into the theory & concepts ( specially for science and mathematics) will no more be a necessity .. they could simply Mugup a few thousand questions in a year or at best understand the related lessons and appear for the final assessment examination ..

I think having a pattern of 100% objective question based assessment is a subjective question… while objective questions are good to relax the students mind set as well as judge her response against time … the schools should adopt a mix of descriptive as well as objective questions both..

The subject matter needs a lot of debate ….

Ajit Varwandkar, 11.14 am / 22.09.2009 / http://www.aglakadam.com

Where is the TIME to hate? September 22, 2009

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Right from birth till death .. i.e from presence of life till the absence of life.. we all follow this lane called TIME!

What is this TIME dimention afterall?

For an average best life span of 80 years, we get a total of 29,200 days … thats all!

Think of it, a couple of thousand years we loose in sleep & personal care activities.. considering 8 hours a day means approx. 10000 days lost in sleep & freshing up…

We are left with only 19200 days now… Approx 1500 days we invest in our academics & equal number of days in entertainment activities…

In the balance 16000 days… we do all our professional services as well as this is the only time available for us to innovate and try and do omething new on this earth in our lifespan…

SO where is the time left? I love the lyrics of a hindi movie song .. which says.. Where is the time to hate, when there is so little time to love!

Ajit Varwandkar / 1.21 pm / 22.09.2009/ http://www.aglakadam.com

Use TRUST not SPIES to mentor your child … September 21, 2009

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There is a news that this Navratri, a lot of parents are going to keep a mobile watch on their kids! A large number of parents have dumped detective agencies or a software solution to their worries. They are paying as high as Rs.10000.00 per month to detective agencies for the job.

By installing a specific software in the cellphones of their children, the parents get alerts on the numbers dialled and calls received on the mobiles together with the content of messages received and sent from the device. ‘‘The parents are also alerted about the location of the child,’’

This, to my understanding, is the result of Bad Parenting which prompts Parents to get into Worst Parenting behaviours… After so many years of upbringing if you are so suspecious about you childs behaviour .. it speaks volumes about the Parent Child relation that has been nurtured ….

Trust is the foundation of all successful relations.

Where the is no Trust, there is no Truth… all evils then begin to germinate ….

Ajit Varwandkar, 21.09.09 / 6.08 pm / http://www.aglakadam.com

One School every 5 KM’s! September 19, 2009

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The following news from the TOI, Mumbai, 18.09.09 attracted my attention, which tells that The Bombay high court in an important judgment ruled the government norm prohibiting a new school within five km of an existing one was not “sacrosanct’’, but had to be decided on a case by case basis.

From the news clipping : “The condition relating to restriction of grant of permission for opening a new school within five kilometres of an existing school is not mandatory in absolute terms as it has an in-built element of relaxation,’’ said a full bench of Chief Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice Ajay Khanwilkar and Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud. The “five km rule’’ is spelled out in the secondary school code that governs the setting up and administration of educational institutions in Maharashtra.

I have a different view on this :

The Density of Population in India is not even across the geography. In such a situation how can we restrict to such an arbitrary 5 km rule? Is it really wise for the rule makers to enforce such a law? On one end when the nation in on the anvil of a never before size of manpower shortage likely in the coming years; we are devicing rules to restrict people from starting education institutes. Why!

Yes I do agree that a lot of people are looking towards educationa as a money minting business model.. nevertheless if they do justice and deliver results, I personally feel this should still be welcome…. at least something is better than nothing….

One should not stop permissions for new schools basis such 5-10 km formulae… The honourable authority deciding on the fate of new school proposals should take decisions on the facts of the distrubution of population, the percentage of child population, the identified need and the demographic clusters.

We need to ensure the constitutional obligation to provide education to all children and recognising the rights of children to free and compulsory education.

Ajit Varwandkar, 19.09.2009 / 12.23 pm / http://www.aglakadam.com

शिक्षा और रोटी September 18, 2009

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September 18, 2009
आप शिक्षा को रोज़गार के साथ जोड़ने की बाते करते है ,तो में बता दू,की शिक्षा ऐसी हो जो रोटी दे सके ,जब हिन्दी के कवि श्री धूमिल जी के अनुसार —-सुनो ! आज में तुम्हे वह सत्य बतलता हू,जिसके आगे हर सच्चाई छोटी है,इस दुनिया में भूखे आदमी का सबसे बड़ा तर्क रोटी है.मतलब शिक्षा ऐसी होनी चाहिए ,जो छात्रो को इतिहास के साथ साथ ,गणित के सूत्रो को भी बताए तो शेयर मार्केट में करियर कै से बनाए यह भी सिखाया जाए तो यह कॉंबिनेशन कैसा रहेगा?-—-वर्षा वरवँड़कर,अगला कदम . कॉम,रायपुर

CHildren Run back home ….. September 18, 2009

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Catching up further with yesterdays thoughts on School Holidays .. I am reminded of a very old Lufthansa Airlines Print Advertisement .. which says..

Its the Law of Universe ..

“Children walk down to School… They RUN BACK home!”

Yes when in school we all have gone through the similar temptations to RUN BACK home… holidays are like a rejuvenation catalyst … Its the same for us even today.. just imagine taking a day off midweek, switching off your cell phone and enjoy HOME sweet Home … ! Isn’t the thought itself refreshing!

What do you say?

Ajjit Varwandkar
18.09.2009 / 10.36 am / http://www.aglakadam.com

Students deserve holidays.. irrespecive of the board September 17, 2009

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It has been declared by the State Government of Chhattisgarh that the State governed schools shall have to declare winter vacation for the students while October / November.
The CBSE / ISCE board governed private schools have a lot of resistance to declare these vacations in the school. These schools are already under a time resource crunch to complete the syllabus.

The basic question to be addressed here is how much vacation and how many leaves vis a vis the number of days of schooling is must for the schol students? Is it just to abruptly declare the festival holidays abruptly just on the onset of festival times? Will this not distuurb the syllabus schedule fo the schools?

Many schools follow a week on week and month on month schedule to cover the board syllabus, in the process they aswell focus on various non academic and over all personality grooming activities for the students. Under such a scenario a break of 3-4 weeks study period will only mean inviting a backlog as well as stressing the students on the post vacation phase!

Yes, holidays are must for students. But it is must for all students irrespective of which board their school is governed by.. be it State board or CBSE or ICSE.

I am myself educated in an era when we used to get a lot of holidays while festival times as well as after final examinations. These holidays were used to travel and lear the geography as also explore relations and relatives. These were real learning by unwinding kind of holidays ….

In my opinion, students deserve these holidays while schools deserve a preplanned schedule to declare such holidays …
Ajit Varwandkar / 17.09.09/10/13 am

Shaping the students attitude at home September 16, 2009

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Yesterday I went to one school to address a group of students. While majority of the students were responsive. one of the student was showing a lot of attitude .. he looked very arrogant .. “I know it all” kind of approach.. the body language was hopeless.. he was not even sitting alert…

I tried to address him, involve him but he started getting more disengaged and offensive with time… I decided not to show focus on him any more..

the seminar concluded with lot of involvement of the other students .. the question answer session was very fruitful… though this young friend of mine was busy solving some sudoku on a sheet of paper .. I ignored anyway…

Before we departed … I wanted to know more about this student in discussion.. I was told that he belongs to a very affluent family …. the rich and the famous in the city …. & “he is like that only”.

Actually the family values and culture is mostly responsible in shaping the students attitude and approach …. Our society has a larger share of responsibility in shaping the youth of tomorrow. Parents can not distance themselves from this responsibility and I guess its high time the rich and capacitated guardians do their bit of contribution in shaping the “yuva attitude” …

Ajit Varwandkar