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I don’t – NO April 23, 2011

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To pretend what you are not is a fetal error. It has been my conviction that “pretend” is a word which suites only those who are on the path to success. It is said that if you think you are not successful, does not matter, just pretend in front of the world that you are successful. Alternately when you are sad, pretend to yourself that “you are happy”, after some time the feeling of sadness will dilute. It works. It actually works wonders, take this tip and try once if you need to. Other than this anywhere else in life pretend is not a useful word / behavior. Life is not a fancy dress show where one pretends something or someone else. I quote a few observations where pretention is wrongly used by people in day to day life.
This starts right from the school days.

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Ajit Varwandkar
Email : info@fsindia.in


Papa Don’t Preach February 19, 2011

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If there was a stress barometer to read family stress, the mercury would have shot up very high these days because a lot of examination borne stress is showing in families. Where there are children, there ought to be schools and where there are schools, examinations are must! Come March – April and most of the schools in India shall be conducting the final / yearly evaluation examinations.

Most of the students are worried about the exams. They go through phases of sleepless nights or peace less sleep. They don’t feel like eating well and constantly keep feeling irritable. Irony is that their parent as well experiences almost similar symptoms. To add to the impact they are emotionally stressed too! Students are worried because they have to “face” the examinations and their parents are bothered about their performance.

Students are the only ones who actually are aware on their level of preparations for the examinations. Some students may have well prepared and would be in the final lap of revision while many others would not be so lucky! But the common factor for both the category of students, those who are prepared for examinations and those not prepared for exams, is that “stress” attacks all of them!

These are the days when students spend most of the time at home preparing for their next test. Parents are not far behind, I have seen many parents take leave from their office and sit along with their children while he/she is studying. Some of the parents care too much for their children and continuously keep following it up with them for completion of course curriculum. Some such parent even extend support to their children in finishing up with their subject practical’s or assignments. Parents would getup early morning along with the children to help them in studies and won’t part till they see off them the into the examination hall!

While examination season is actually the time when the kid requires absolutely stress free atmosphere, the over indulgence of parent sometimes makes the situation further complicated. The parent has all good intentions to support their children but generally what evolves out of their sudden involvement is additional stress and irritation to the children.
“All study and no play makes Jack a dull guy” – we tend to forget this knowingly. While the examination days when the student needs to concentrates better on the learning process they are not allowed to play or turn on the music. In the guise of studies there is an atmosphere of gloom & panic at home. Students are not exposed to such restrictions, extra attention and it finally distracts them.

Competition is tough and peer pressure is already very high for the student; under such situation the otherwise dormant parent makes a mistake to suddenly start over discussing the syllabus with their children. Parent does not realize that their emotional outburst invariably affect their children directly. The child is not really prepared to take on the fresh set of expectations. With so much of hi definition emotions & complex stress at home, every individual in the house needs to support the examinee by taking proper care of his or her own emotions on their own. Child’s emotional need should be allocated the highest priority and parents should not allow their emotional state to disturb their child’s routine. When a parent gets into the trap of emotional examination stress, the child is likely to experience one or more of the following symptoms: disappointment & lack of confidence, apathy to study & appear for examinations, unable to learn because of memory lapse, heath disorders like headache, fever, irritable bowl, nervousness & temptation to end life etc.

Parents I suggest you to please relax & not over react at this juncture when the student is on the verge of examinations. Behave very normal and let the child follow the normal course of his day routine. Be like a genie & a guide post for your student. My prescription is be affectionate and never make the child uncomfortable with over-attention. A dose of zappi ( hug ) an hour would work wonders.

As the final countdown for the examinations starts for the students here are a few more suggestions for the parents to de-stress their children :
• Try to have least one meal with the family and spend some light moments with children.
• If the student does not perform well in one test allow him to forget about it and plan for the next paper. Ruminating over the failure is never fruitful.
• Apart from examinations, discuss about other interests and hobbies of your child. This will help him / her to relax.
• Do not set fresh examination rules for your child, examination timetable should be made well in advance. “Revision timetable” should be decided only by the student. However the parent could always assist the child in coming up with a routine, if the child so desires.
• Take care of the child’s nutrition & health.
• Sometimes children are not able to cope up with their social network (friends and internet sites), you can help the student to shield these pressures.
• Be a good listener, never react without understanding the complete story from your child. It may just be that the child is reacting out of some situation but actually addressing a different stress.
• Motivate the child, he/she may not show but could be disheartened within. Help your child with positive thoughts.
• Last but not the least, Parent should consult a counselor if the child is experiencing alarming stress or behaving abnormally.

Parenting is a very responsible art. Parenting decision should be made in mutual consultation by mother and father. As a parent you are best positioned to understand the aptitude and ability of your child. Accordingly ensure that the child goes through the process of examination freely and smoothly. My dear parents, do not just preach but also teach your child to be positive about examinations because this exam is not the end of the journey. Life is much more beyond these examinations.

Ajit Varwandkar
Email : info@fsindia.in

Ready for the warm, prepared for the cold January 15, 2011

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Small things matter much, specially under extreme situations. I am sure all of us must have experienced at least one such situation in life & got a lesson out of it. Imagine that you are travelling in a train on a cold winter night and the window has a slit which allows the cool breeze rush inside! The kind of cold torture one will have to go through will chill you even in your imagination. True, minor actions (or inactions) can have major implications!

Its really the tough art of extrapolation to foresee extreme eventualities and be prepared for those. In cold countries houses are built in such a manner that the snow does not stay long on the roof, the cold breeze does not enter the rooms through pores or slits, the water supply is through conditioned pipelines so that the water temperature is maintained. Not so in India, because we rarely face these extremes.

Recently most of India has been in the grip of a cold wave. As per a news release, over a period of seven days at least eighteen deaths across the eastern India had been reported because of cold! India is a typical hot temperature land. Summers are mostly pretty hot in most of the regions. Winter is generally not so cold and that’s precisely the reason that many people are not really prepared to take on the extremes of winter season. Surely those who died out of cold would have been the poor ones who did not have enough to manage clothing and medicines to prevent from cold. However the point is that even the well to do and affluent houses are not really well equipped to manage the rare extremes of seasons in India.

We the people on earth are very good at managing inventory of our proactive preparedness. We prepare ourselves on a demand basis. We tend to be more prepared for what is most repetitive in nature and least prepared for what is less frequent, though may be devastating at times! For example earthquake! So much of building – construction is piling up across the states in India but very less of this infrastructure would be equipped to take on a rector scale of 6 plus points! Yes
earthquake does not happen every month, but how can we forget that when it happens, nothing remains the same there after!

What applies to India happens even in the other parts of the world. By the yardstick of infrastructural growth, London is one of the most advanced places in the world. However even in London there are so many lapses in preparedness. You will be
surprised to know that most of the metro rail services in London, even today, are not ready to take on extreme heat, because they do not have an inbuilt air-conditioning system! If the peak summer temperature reaches 35 degree centigrade plus in London, it becomes so uncomfortable and suffocating that people are forced to avoid the use of metro! Thanks to the global warming & climate changes, off late the administration authorities have ventured into replacing old air-condition less compartments with the new well equipped coaches!

One more example of the short sightedness & lack of preparedness is the fate of most of the railway platforms in India. Over years India has seen an ever increasing traffic demand and as such we were forced to add more and more number of bogies to every single train. Eventually at most of the railway stations in India, the last few rail coaches have to rest bare platform. Passengers go through a risky endeavor to alight & board the train in all such bogies!

The message which I intend to drive at is that we should be prepared for all kind of situations. As is said, we should hope for the best but be prepared for the extremes! This applies to every wake in life. While we get ready for the current challenges, we should also have an eye on the likely hood of probable extremes. Had we been better prepared, might be a few deaths out of cold would have been avoided, people in London would have been better off in metro even in hot summers, the pains of thousands of passengers alighting and boarding the last bogies of Indian Rail even at relatively smaller stations could have been ameliorated, some loss on account of earthquake could have been avoided. The only mandate is not to write-off the probability of extremes and be well prepared. Eventually it pays.

Ajit Varwandkar
Managing Director
FS Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Email for feedback : info@fsindia.in

Kaon Banega Decision Maker? December 17, 2010

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KBC 4 had many lessons to teach. In fact two most important learning’s have been

1. Beware of greed, it should not over take desires
2. Decision making has to be a science, not a gamble.

…………………..  Complete write-up in my forthcoming book…. for announcement on the book title and launch, pl keep visiting www.aglakadam.com  ……………………………………… 


Ajit Varwandkar
Managing Director,
FS Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Can be reached at info@fsindia.in

February 26, 2010

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examination help to students


HELP your child perform well in examinations! ( source – Naiduniya) February 23, 2010

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Parents role in examinations

How can parents help their child perform better in examinations!

Mouse beats Cat .. Students Suffer November 30, 2009

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Last two days I have been observing the happenings in the world of education and careers. Thousands and lacks of career aspirants putting ahead their next step ( aglakadam ) into the CAT trap.. just to find that, for a change, this ime the Mouse has trapped the Cat …

Well this now looks a as an issue more serious than just a technical bug.. an examination f the international stature being conducted across the globe for admissions to an institute which is identified to churn out the Best of the best human resource to the industry.. could not even manage an entrance test… Is Technology so unmanageable in today’s world of hi tech revolution?

Or is this the out sourcing which is the culprit! but then an institute of the stature of IIM is only expected to outsource such critical function into a highly reputed and well trained & safe hands .. well Prometrics is a name of repute.. but is it that they were over confidant and did underestimate the technical challenges in the process..

Whatever may be the issue, this flaw of CAT examination mismanagement has highlighted a few thoughts :

1. Utter failure of a MANAGEMENT institute of world repute to MANAGE entrance examination! जिसकी एंट्रंस ऐसी हो, आगे क्या होगा (Jiski Entrance aisi ho, age kya hoga)?

2. Total lack of planning, no rehearsal before actual execution!

3. Failure of Outsourcing model in conducting online examinations!

4. Failure of antivirus protection systems, how safe are our websites?

Whatever may the reasons, the losers are the serious students who intended to appear for the CAT examination.. as is well known that this test is not just the test of your IQ & subject knowledge it as well tests you EQ… one needs to be well prepared, more than well studied to take on the tests.. I have seen students into the process of mental make over just before CAT examination dates .. they all will have to redo their efforts .. A few such students have their academic calendar’s ahead and some had even booked travel reservations for successive dates .. those from small cities and towns…

Is the IIM listening to the problems faced by such students?

Ajit Varwandkar / http://www.aglakadam.com // 30.11.2009

Irony, IIM’s could not MANAGE CAT well! November 28, 2009

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Common Admission Test, one of the biggest and the toughest MBA entrance examination which was scheduled to begin from today has been cancelled at some centers, as per some TV news reports. Students were sent back to homes. All shocked!

CAT is believed to be the golden opportunity to get into your dream land, IIMs, the biggest Business Schools in the country. Many of the students were already lost in their dreamland when suddenly their dream got a jolt with the cancellation of examination in many of the test centres.

CAT examination did not go online properly at some centers and has been reported to be put off on account of some technical problem server crash. However IIM Authorities have denied any such reports of cancellation of examination due to any technical/network problems. However they said that examination was not cancelled but rescheduled at certain test centres which are Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore, Pune and Bhopal because many of the students had signed up in multiple test centres.

Whatsoever may be the reason for the snag, ultimately it was the students who were affected the most. First of all, the examination pattern was completely new for them. Then the system was still in its experimental phase. It takes a hell lot of mind set frame work to get prepared to take on the tests.. many students had alternate plans for days just after the test, all squandered now.. We stand informed that Prometrics has done the technology for these test. Such tests should not be organized in jest. Proper piloting with simulation exercise should be role played to understand the challenges in advance.. for an institution like IIM, this does not project proper MANAGEMENT!!

Students, who had to appear in today’s examination, are in a state of confusion about the next examination dates and test centres. However online guides and directional maps have been made available for the students’ convenience.

Since the IIMs are the autonomous bodies, whatever decision they come up with shall be final. But let’s take it as a chance for those who still feel their preparation not up to the mark…and hope that the students will be back with fresh mind and preparation… Get going you still have an opportunity to BELL the CAT!

Shilpa Sharma / http://www.aglakadam.com / 28.11.2009 / 3.03 pm

CAT is not the END of Life .. still do ring the BELL November 27, 2009

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Many of the MBA career aspirants are ready for the battle, all of them trying to bell this CAT (Common Admission Test). Just one day to go for the examination and students’ heart beats already thumping high. Combined Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs is believed to be one of the toughest exam in the world, more gruelling than the GRE and the GMAT put together.

Where the number of applications has decreased this time due to online examination system, the stress level has also been doubled.

But don’t worry!!! Even daring to face it is itself a bold step towards your dream.
It doesn’t matter what you have done till now as you can’t change it. What matters is that what shall you do from now onwards to make that change..

It is not always necessary that everybody can and will be able to crack the test with ease in the first attempt. I have seen many people with far worse percentiles. No person is defeated until and unless he believes that. So never let the option of defeat for yourself. CAT is not the end of life… There are many more options available in life.

Cracking CAT is also not an impossible target .. many students achieve this target year on year …. It just needs the right preparation, passion and approach. Afterall the achievers are also the simple students like us and not the superheroes…Moreover the word impossible itself says,”I M POSSIBLE.”

Always remember..”Hard work never goes waste and always shows it’s colour in some or the other form.”

My Best Wishes to all the MBA aspirants…

Shilpa Sharma / http://www.aglakadam.com / 27.11.2009 /