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How can I win from here? September 10, 2011

Posted by aglakadam in Inspirational Story.
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I met two school students recently. In spite of there being certain stark similarities between both, they  were performing differently in their examinations. Both belonged to similar socio-economic family background and were from the same village. Incidentally both went down with a long drawn viral fever just before the examination. It took time for them to get well and only a few days before the examinations they could get back to studies.

I happened to ask both the students about how they plan to prepare for the test. Here are their replies: The first student said “Not  a problem, I shall somehow try to  get passing marks”. This student had never been the topper and had never tasted success. He did not have any aspirations to be the best in his class. He was satisfied with bare minimum numbers and never targeted high. His plan was just to maintain his status quo. On the other hand the second student replied “It would be tough, but I shall work hard to keep up my place in the top three”! This student was a topper all through and always aspired to be on the merit list. Just to pass, anyhow could not be his aspiration even in the toughest situation.

It matters where your thoughts extrapolate from! While one student was targeting just to manage and somehow pass in the examination the other was targeting to be at the top. It is the quality of target that you maintain at every stage in the process of your journey which matters. The result should not surprise you: the student who had the target to just pass actually failed while the other student topped in the examination.

Many of us start the year with very high targets and rich ambitions. However with the passing months most of us tend to miss on our targets. The natural reaction is to lose will and feel hopeless. It’s easy to feel hopeless but difficult to keep up the hope against pressure. It’s not tough to surrender but it is an arduous task to keep the spirits high when under struggle. As they say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog which makes it win. If you are not up to the mark today never should you do this mistake to assume that you will not be so tomorrow.  Tomorrow is always a new day and it comes with new promises. Let not the shadows of past failures darken your future.  Keep up the mental demeanor. Redirect your adrenalin to recharge your will power and not the blood pressure.

Everything in life has a beautiful end, if it’s not beautiful enough it’s not yet the end! Once you have started off with your mission, its utmost important how you finish. Thomas Alwa Edison, while he was inventing the bulb, could have very easily surrendered when he failed in his second or in the ninety ninth attempts. However he had the lamp of hope glowing till he succeeded in achieving his goal. On the way we might fall occasionally and this is but natural. In such low moments winners count the number of times they get up and get going while the losers would count the number of times they stumbled.

It’s must to continue giving your best performance till the end. Falling down should be considered as recharge coupon and the “will power balance” should get the necessary top-up with every setback. A battle is lost not when the enemy wins but when the other side gives-up and thinks he cannot fight any more. Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warn have been typically known for their never lose approach while playing on the field. Whatever may be the statistics on the scoreboard and irrespective of the field equations in the game, they prefer to ask their colleagues “How can we win from here”. Situations when the other team felt complacent about their victory these leaders were actually determined to turnaround the game. This approach has made their team win many games which they would have otherwise lost. Especially in the game of football and hockey you learn to keep up the winning will till the last-minute in the game. Many a match winning goals in international tournaments were shot just while the referee would have blown the finish whistle! It’s vital to be in the game till you finish strong.

Lessons for Excellence :

  • Past is a history and future is a mystery. It’s mandatory to execute in the present moment, that’s the real asset.
  • Hope is the only dependable weapon for a warrior who desires to win. Keeping the ultimate will to win will surely show you the well deserved victory in life.
  • In the journey of life defeat should only be taken as a mini stoppage and not as the destination.
  • At the end of the day it’s ones attitude, while facing adversity which defines the fate. It pays to manage and keep on the winning attitude.
  • “How can I win from here” could be used as a sure formula for success. Whenever you are under challenging situations, ask yourself ( at least once) : How can I win from here? I am sure you will get your answer.


Ajit Varwandkar

Email : md@fsindia.in



1. empowerurpower - September 13, 2011

Dear Ajit,

I´m realizing for how long have we both been following each other @ Twitter and it´s been a worth while! This recent post is a master piece that touched deeply my heart.

This and last year have been a tough ones! The kind you won´t forget and the kind that leave tons of learnings. As you say, it´s very easy to feel out of the fight when facing huge setbacks. That´s been my story for the last two years.

Your post is SO enlightning and refreshing! I feel more than GREATFUL to know you, my true friend! I speak these words from the deepest of my heart. Keep on writing. Never stop. You are great!

Blessings and kisses,

Jamie Velasco

aglakadam - September 13, 2011

Thanks Jamie for the kind words, I know you speak out of the heart straight… God Bless You, Be a winner always..

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