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The Complete Thinking Children August 27, 2011

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The right mobile handset for me is not just a means for voice communication but also a tool to online check my emails. I am very conservative at gadget acquisition and showoff ( if at all). I had been using the same old handset since almost five years till now when my kids admonished me to upgrade myself with the latest talk tool. Though my old phone was still able to deliver the elementary services, I succumbed to their relentless requests and changed my phone.

The shift from a routine phone to a smart phone with a million features was like a trip in the wonderland. The exuberance got hijacked when I realized that there was everything which I could live without but the most vital element, all my existing contacts, was unavailable in the new phone. It was a challenge to get the contacts transferred from symbian to android technology.

There was a vendor who could help me do this for a few hundred rupees but I did not want to share my contacts with any outsider fearing data theft! I resorted for help from a very good friend of mine, Amarjeet Singh, whom I consider as my Mobile Technology Guru (MTG). He is a man for all occasions when it comes to the last unresolved bug out of technology. After brewing a lot of ideas he gave many suggestions which were all seemingly good but very complex. Suggestions easier to execute did not work for me easily. I was disappointed; almost 1500 contacts were now waiting for a manual re-entry into this new phone. Given the scarcity of time, I had in my life, this was a daunting task by all measures. I decided to continue the use of my old phone; I remembered the adage ‘old is gold’.

My daughter Mahima pointed at me with her eyes questioning the lack of shine on my face. I told her that it was some time when I could use the new phone because the contact data was yet to be transferred. Papa give me one chance, I have some ideas and I think I can transfer all the data from your old phone to the new one. Tick tick tick ..  It was just 15 minutes when Mahima came back and shared “You can now use this new phone Papa, all your contact data has been transferred”.

. I was shocked, surprised and amazed with her technological prowess. I now knew for sure that she is an engineer material. How you could do this Mahima in just a few minutes which we could not do it over 48 hours? “You are really great”, I appreciated her. Papa you are unnecessarily praising me, it’s very easy, just use the Bluetooth and transfer all the data, that’s it! Honestly in all the wilderness this idea of transferring contacts from one operating system to another in as it is form through Bluetooth did never strike me nor my MTG.  I had searched pages on google.com for support on this subject but nowhere did I get this simple idea of transferring data. When it comes to lateral thinking, children can outperform even googl.com because they think with the ignorance of convention!

We all need to re-learn the art to think from basics, I call this as “Complete Thinking”. With age what we lose is to look at life situations from a fresh perspective always. With experiences in life we lose the ability to “think completely”. When a child arrives at a solution for a difficult situation it is invariably because of her ability to “think completely”. We, the learned professionals, are more aware and hence more biased. What might not work or what will work in any particular situation gets thoroughly ingrained in our minds. We behave as per our pre conceived and biased frame of thoughts. We look for outside of the box and close our eyes to solutions lying within our reach.

Complete Thinking helps us to look at a situation with profound simplicity. There was this story of Russian astronauts, when they first where to venture into space. Since there is no gravity up there, a fountain pen won’t work, how do they take notes in that case? Without notes the mission would fail. After many rounds of high tech discussions when the scientists could not design a pen which would work against gravity, a small kid suggested the use of pencil in place of pen! A pencil works irrespective of the gravity. This idea spread an euphoria: Wow, we never thought it this way!

At the turn of the 20th century the Y2K bug or ‘the millennium problem’ had sent waves of terror amongst all those who were on computer based data storage technology. When all the latest software languages could not deliver a solution to address the rollover” from x99 to x00, it was someone in India who used the elementary & old (and also so called outdated) language Fortran  to get a complete solution for it. A challenge which looked so massive in its nature was resolved very easily only because of “Complete Thinking”.

Let’s unlearn our old beliefs and start learning fresh again. Impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible. What we feel can’t happen, chances are that someone somewhere is determined to make it happen. Our brain gets into the pattern-making habit and this obscures obvious patterns of solutions which work. We need to turn it upside down, the change in the orientation of things can make the solution patterns emerge. Think beyond limitations. Thoughts are all powerful. Thoughts have the energy to give us all the solutions that we may need in the world. Think Completely.


  1. Outside the box thinking might not be a fruitful proposition unless you have done with all the conventional thinking first.
  2. In the enthusiasm to come with innovative solutions, don’t just look at things differently, look at them as if a very elementary solution was readily available.
  3. Learning new topics gives us the vision to acquire breadth of possible solutions.
  4. Don’t just think forward, sometimes think reverse and turn the thoughts upside down to reach to the right solution.
  5. When your get stuck up, think like a child or ask a child to suggest a solution.


Ajit Varwandkar

Email : info@fsindia.in



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