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Listen 420 words per minute! July 4, 2011

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Recently I visited a school and read a quote which was written on the notice board in one of the class room. The quote says “Listening attentively is a silent flattery” Wow, what a wonderful thought it is and how powerful is this tool of listening!

There goes a story by Ed Brodow when he went to a bar in France and ordered for beer.  I want beer in a bottle, he ordered. Beer in a bottle was a old story for that country and hence the waitress was a bit surprised to find someone asking for it. She said, “Sir In-a-can”? He replied No, “In a bottle”. To this she again replied “Sure sir, In-a-can?” By now this gentleman was losing his gentleness. He mustered all his patience and said bring me in-a-can but please bring something for me fast. Within moments the lady brought beer “in a bottle” for this gentleman! Seeing the “Henican” brand of beer the gentleman understood the story right. In fact the waitress was asking him if he would want to have Henican brand of beer. Since “Henican” and “In-a-can” were rhyming words, he got confused. This is true for most of us, we rarely listen to what is being told we listen what resonates with our biased mindset.

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Ajit Varwandkar

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1. Kim Starry - July 4, 2011

Great blog post. Listening is becoming a lost art like you said becoming extinct, which is very sad that we have become so busy that we are not listening to each other.

aglakadam - July 4, 2011

Yes Kim, I agree.

Thanks for your review & feedback.

2. Darren Sproat - July 4, 2011

Very good post. I have a saying of my own… “If you want to improve your communication skills, try shutting your mouth and opening your eyes and ears.” In both professional and personal life this has served me well. Thank you for this wonderful post.

aglakadam - July 5, 2011

Thanks Darren for your comment, I agree.. most of the times shutting up gives way to better communication..

3. Mritunjay - July 6, 2011

Just came across your blog and I must say, it is mighty effective. Simple, elegant messages expressed beautifully.

However, your website link has some problems. It’s reporting malwares and virus. Do check that.

aglakadam - July 6, 2011

Thanks Mritunjay,

Am getting it checked, some conflict with google.com it seems…

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