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Be the “CEO of Happiness” June 25, 2011

Posted by aglakadam in Management.
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Be the “CEO of Happiness”

Everything in life is temporary in nature. Let’s look back to the days when we were kids. The house we lived in & the friends we lived with during those days would not be the same today. The life we lived in the past would have gone into the dark tunnels of dreams for most of us by now. In the process of growing up we come across various life situations and also learn to face them. There are surroundings we cannot change & hence we have to accept those as it is. All of us would have faced a situation when someone in the neighborhood died. We had no other option but to see the expressions of sorrow and pain demonstrated by the bereaved family. There was no choice but only compulsion to see them cry and in the process subconsciously we learned the fact of life.  I also had seen one such family in my school days who were crying loads of tears when they lost a loved one in their family. Things were very difficult at that very moment for them to accept. But as we know “change” is the only permanent element in life.  

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Change is nothing but a challenge, take it smartly.  Be happy always.

Ajit Varwandkar

Email : info@fsindia.in



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