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What our Children can teach us? May 7, 2011

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This is a short story from a small village in India. There used to be a particular tribe of people residing in the village. They lived in close community and demonstrated a lot of bonding and togetherness. Once the village faced a challenging calamity. There was absolute scarcity of water. The senior most members of the village discussed and suggested that they should do a particular prayer in front of God. It was a huge gathering of villagers and the specific puja was carried out to please the RAIN GOD. It was expected that after the community prayers the Rain God would bless the village with a lot of rain.

While each villager reached the prayer ground bare handed there was a school going kid who went to the prayer ground carrying along with him an “umbrella”. When asked about the reason that he is carrying the umbrella with him, he said : “We are performing this prayer to please Rain God and get rains. I want the rain but do not want to get drenched in the rain. Hence I have come with the umbrella!” WHAT a confidence!

Children are the best teachers for grown up and adults. They teach us the real art of living which adults tend to forget over years. Here I present a few personality trails which we should learn from our children and implement those in our everyday life. Let us all try to be like children once again irrespective of our age:

Belief :

The child in the story above had faith in the prayer and hence he came to the prayer ground with an umbrella. While the other villagers were hoping that their combined efforts would bring in rain, this boy had the confidence that it would surely rain. This is the difference in faith. Martin Luthar King Jr. said “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the staircase”. Children demonstrate a specific confidence believe that they can get what they want. Adults tend to disbelieve in themselves. Tell a child that next week you are going to buy her an helicopter she will instantly believe it to be true. The grown up would on the contrary say I don’t have a car at home, stupid to even imagine of a helicopter! Grownups eventually gain a tendency to be skeptical and / or cynical about almost every venture.
The lesson learned is that believe in your ambitions and dreams. Once you start believing things start to happen but when you do not believe in yourself you do not even get to start. Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks required to build success. Children do not worry over future, they have an unshakable belief on tomorrow. Children never get the disease of high blood pressure or stress induced abnormalities. This is because they sleep well. They live every moment of today and believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Enjoy :

We need to learn to enjoy what we do. More often than not one gets stuck-up in the monotony of our routine jobs and eventually loose the excitement. Look at a child, he enjoys whatever play he has at hand. Children not only enjoy the work at hand they express their euphoria without any hesitation. They never stop themselves from shouting out their excitement. However when we grow up and become mature ( sic!) we refrain from expressions. The shield of maturity covers up all our emotions. This sediment of emotions ruin the happiness and efficiency in life. We should learn o live life without sorrow from our children.

Ask Questions :

The most frequently asked question(FAQ) by a child is : “What is this?”
When they grow up, the question changes: “Why is this so?” When they become a bit more young the question again changes “Why not this in place of that?” Finally when they become grownup adults, the question changes into an excuse: “Because this is….. hence … I could NOT …….“. From question mark to excuse, this is the worst change to happen to us as we grow old.
Children ask questions to seek their answers. At times they frustrate you with the continuous firing of questions. It seems asking question is the biggest ammunition in their arsenal for growth. On the contrary adults do not seek answers, they accept the facts in as it is status. When we grow-up, we forget curiosity. We no more ask questions and as such our learning stops. When learning stops development stops. We grownups need to relearn the art and enthusiasm of asking questions from our kids.

Forget Fast

Children have the best memorizing power, teach them a lesson and they will mug it up in no time. The ability to learn, retain and recall lessons diminishes with the growth in biological age of an individual. Children retain lessons but forget emotions attached to those lessons. Scold a child and she cries. She laments the punishment given to her but only for a few moments. Immediately after some time you can see the same child back into the action. She starts playing with the same set of friends and in the same environment as if nothing had ever happened!

Now think of a similar situation for an adult. When he is served with a criticism it lingers on in his mindset (and actions) till ages. When grown-up we tend not to forget things. When we do not forget the past we do not get into new areas of growth. We prefer to carry the purposeless baggage. The need is to take things easy and let us all learn it from our children.

Lessons for Excellence :

1. Let not the gain in biological age make you loose on your child like characteristics. Feed the child in you & let it survive always.

2. Always posses a child like belief in yourself. A child is not exposed to fear and as such it can venture into the most daring act.

3. Keep asking questions in life. The day you stop asking questions, you start making excuses.

2. Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. Never ever compromise on the fun element in life.

1. Learn to forget happenings which generate unproductive emotions. Forget and Forgive – should be the mantra for success.

Ajit Varwandkar
Email : info@fsindia.in



1. Kaushik Pal - May 9, 2011

Very interesting read, Ajit ji. Thanks for the observations. They are all true.

aglakadam - May 9, 2011

Thank you, happy that you liked the views, cheers..

2. Beauty and the Waist - May 10, 2011

Love it! Great!

aglakadam - May 11, 2011

Thanks for the praise. Ajit Varwandkar

3. Paramjot Kaur - May 11, 2011

This is really a good read, My children play the role of Mentor in my Life.

4. Paramjot Kaur - May 11, 2011

This is really a good post,My children play the role of Mentor in my Life.

aglakadam - May 12, 2011

Thanks for your comments. Suerly we have a lot to relearn from our kids.

5. Theresa Fix - May 24, 2011

Very good read – Have faith in yourself.

aglakadam - May 24, 2011


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