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OBAMA renames OSAMA as DEAD BODY May 2, 2011

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A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. Looks like good times are back again on earth.

OBAMA declared the death of OSAMA. A flood of searches on google and other engines are showing lacs of results. Live Videos of Prez Barrak Obama declaring the end of Osama Bin Laden is being flashed by various media channels. Huge celebrations seen in USA. I guess this is just like the victory of Lord Rama over Rawana. How so ever strong financially or politically you may be, if you are not on the right path you will lose it all one day. Saddam Hussain was one such personbality who thought he could defend himself by secluding in an underground multilayer safe container.

Britisher’s rules India and did a hoste of cruelties on (Hindustani) human kind .. but their era also had to come to an end. I remember Lt swami Chinmayananda used to say “remember this will also pass away” .. holds true for a good time or a bad time both…. if it is a tough time .. remember this is not for ever, if it is a good time for you, remember that the time may change any moment….

The day a human being stops breathing, people rename it as deadbody. All living beings from any nation, any religion, any colour, any sex, any caste gets the same rename “dead body”. From Benazir to Satya Sai Baba.. every one gets to come to an end in life. The day you change from ‘is’ to ‘was’, your name changes from whatever it was to “dead body”.

Just like the game of Chess, when the game is done, the King & the solidiers rest in the same set box! Life is like this.

Earlier the lesson learned, better and more fruitful for all of us. Let us learn that the sole purpose of this life given to us by GOD is to lead a happy life & make it a place where each one of us can live happily. If you are one such personality you will be always remembered as a great human being. You will be renamed not just once, but twice…. First rename surely would be dead body but finally you will be renamed as a “great soul” …

Friend’s shed your ego’s, start leading a positive life… be happy always and keeep every one around you you happy.. wish you a very happy second rename…

Ajit Varwandkar
email : info@fsindia.in



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