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Master-mind, Master the Mind March 28, 2011

Posted by aglakadam in Management.
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Dear reader, here is a set of 16 close ended questions. Please answer these questions honestly in either YES or NO ……

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Well, how many YES did you get? In case you got more than 8 YES of the 16 questions above, chances are that your attention is hijacked! By attention hijack I mean the lack of general concentration in life. When this happens one is not able to focus on one thing at a time. This inability to focus & master the mind adversely affects your work, your relationships, study and almost everything that you do in life.

Unable to master the mind is one of the widest spread challenge to mankind today.

In our venture to achieve many goals simultaneously we resort to multitasking in almost every field of life. While driving a car we discuss and think, while attending a telephone call we write an email and also attend a guest, while cooking in the kitchen we simultaneously get into multiple domestic activities!

Ajit Varwandkar
Email : info@fsindia.in



1. Kaushik - March 29, 2011

Ha ha … I actually jumped a para or half … Guess am ADD case now, exactly what I conveyed to you on the phone (before I had read this blog!!!). I would like to have the next blog from you on Time Management or Balancing Time between Work and Home …. Hope I make some improvement. Again, some inconsistent Yoga at my end, may just work out good to me 😉 Great note from your end.

aglakadam - March 29, 2011

LOL 🙂 🙂

2. Kaushik - March 29, 2011

Also, when “emails” are a must attend-to and not “Internet break”, how does one plan the break in that case 😉

aglakadam - March 29, 2011

All emails ( barring spam) should be “Must Attend To” but I think its we who decides which email is “Must Attend To-NOW” ….. Its a matter of according priority.. Before blackberry one was rarely able to respond online – still work did not suffer, even now in situations when one is not in a mobile network, say flying, one can not attend to emails on a NOW basis…. the work still continues..

I feel if something is so very important, the next person will call up & sound the urgency… otherwise can wait for 60 minutes … by the time the “Internet Power Play” would begin!!!


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