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DIE first, FLY Next March 15, 2011

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Two friends when they passed by a mansion in the city, one of them remarked “the owner of this bungalow was once an ordinary man. He used to be our next door neighbor in the old city. Now luck has been benevolent and this fellow has become a millionaire!” One comes across such observations quiet very often in life. I strongly believe that it is not just luck which determines why people achieve glory and success in life, there must be some foolproof force steering them.

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What you do today determines how you live tomorrow.


 Ajit Varwandkar
Contact : info@fsindia.in



1. Carmelita Mckines - March 15, 2011

Interesting material, I enjoyed it very much. Carmelita Mckines

2. Billy Cox - March 18, 2011

Love it. Great post Really like this quote “What you do today determines how you live tomorrow. “. Butterfly stories always inspire me. Keep it up.

aglakadam - April 11, 2011

Thanks Billy for your kind words…

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