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The birth of Value Ideas January 1, 2011

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Recently I was invited as a guest speaker at a social function. The programme was organized at a distant rural location called Sihawa in Dhamtari district of State of Chhattisgarh. I was addressing a gathering of 5000 students and parents. The subject on which I spoke was -career guidance.

Wherever I visit my endeavor is to try and capture something new to learn. This has been my attitude all through. What I noticed and learnt at a small place like Sihawa was really very interesting.

In the two days event, there were six speakers lined up. As I went up to the dais, I saw there were three low voltage light bulbs of different colors, smartly hidden at the corner of the podium. These color bulbs were placed in such a manner that only the speaker could see the bulbs and not the audience.

I enquired about the purpose of these bulbs and the secret revealed was very interesting. The green bulb was a welcome indication for the speaker to start delivering his/her lecture. The glow of orange bulb meant that only 5 minutes were left – an indication for the speaker to conclude his speech. Finally the red would mean that the time is over and the speaker should not speak any more! Wonderful mode of communication – isn’t it? No pinpointing involved, the speaker gets the message without any commotion on the stage. I asked the organiser’s, with a pun, what if the speaker doesn’t stop even after the red bulb is on! The organizer smiled at me and said : sir you have seen the three bulbs, but not the four corresponding switches in the hands of the event manager. If the speakers does not respect the red bulb, he looses his prestige .. the fourth switch is pushed down which powers off the mike!

How innovative? I had seen such a system for the first time. Even at larger forums and state / nation level events, the chairperson or the even co-ordinator has to send a “time-over” / “cut short” slip to the speaker while he is still in process of the speech. Worst, at times I witnessed the guest on the dais even got a rude shock when the organizer announced through mike in front of the audience that time was over and the speaker should conclude!

Lessons to be learnt :

While speaking on the stage and addressing an audience, managing the length of speech is very important. If you do not manage the speech time, either the organizers or the audience will ensure that you get humiliated!

Its must to plan your speech well in advance as per the time lines provided, lest you end up finishing without communicating certain key points of your presentations.

A time bound rehearsal will surely help to ensure that there is no such imbroglio at the time of actual performance.

Be innovative, it works wonders. Innovation is not necessarily a costly affair.

At times small innovations do serve major purposes. To arrive at such solutions the need is to think out of the box.

Placing three bulb’s on the podium with three different colors indicating different messages is surely a great concept. A “value idea” can be economic & easy to implement, but its results could be far reaching. One should always look for such value ideas in every wake of life.
Value Ideas are not the patent of the old and the seniors. The birth of a value idea can happen anywhere, from people of any age & any location. Valuable thoughts can come from children, friends, family members, colleagues, spouse, boss, nature etc. In fact value ideas are best delivered by those who can think freely like a child. Our mind is the chemical laboratory where the thoughts react to synthesize and deliver solutions! Some call this a chemical locha! As we grow up our thought process gets biased, whatever we think is an extrapolation of our past learning’s & experiences. Convictions are more dangerous enemies than lies. We tend to over apply the under intelligence and as such conclude even before experimenting with thoughts!

At work or at home it’s a good idea to explore solutions for any situation from the thoughts of people who may be distantly related to the subject. Such people can think without any restrictions in their thought process & contribute value ideas. Newton got his value idea when he saw the fall of an apple. The eureka of value idea is omnipresent and can come from anywhere.
Never stop thinking, do not conclude fast, keep your eyes & ears open, you may find a “value idea” falling from a tree!

Ajit Varwandkar
Managing Director

Author can be contacted on : info@fsindia.in



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