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Life lessons from 20 April 3, 2010

Posted by aglakadam in Life and all, Management, Motivation.
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A lot of craze is running after the cricketing event of IPL. World cup 20 is likely to follow soon. In a way this new format of cricket has given us some messages…

Unlike the five day and even one day cricket games the 20-20 gives the result instantly. In a very short play duration you come to know who is the winner. The game takes many swings either ways and in most of the matches it is the last over or the last ball which decides the fate!

A question to be pondered over is “Why do some teams fail & some succeed?” Definitely I am not a cricket expert & would like to be excused on the finer cricketing details of the game. To my understanding there is a psychological aspect to this and a message to be learned by the youth. Lets not see the game just for fun or for the love of cricket, but also lets learn some critical messages out of this game.


1. Execution : As is said in cricket – all teams are good but the winner is one who puts on the best show on field! According to me the experience & capability to play or perform under stressful situations helps one to showcase the best performance and taste success. You may have done a lot of planning & practice but if you are not able to execute it well, you are no where in the game!

2. Be really mind – strong : In life we can never be midway between willing to win and not being confidant to win! We have to be head strong in our approach, minor setbacks & small failures should never divert us from our target.

3. Winning is a by product : more important is playing the game – and playing it in the best possible manner. Definitely one needs to have the right strategy & proper planning, without which all play would be a spoil sport.

4. Have Passion, not just expertise : Just like any game, in life as well, the winner need not be an expert, the one who performs the best with 100 % passion most of the times stands out as a winner!

5. Overconfidence is fetal : If you have been a winner, an expert in your field; never underestimate your next game in life. When you are on field, it is important to focus on the reason that brings you there. Never loose focus.

6. The right attitude wins : As said by Sunil Gawaskar in his book ‘Idols’ : ‘when beaten by a ball, I just concentrate on the next ball.’ Forget the defeat, focus on the next shot. Have the right attitude & be victorious.

Ajit Varwandkar,
Managing Director,
FS Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Author can be contacted on :
E Mail : info@fsindia.in



1. wattdyent - April 13, 2010

Hey buddies,

This category is altogether interesting. And i was reading aglakadam.wordpress.com from yesterday and it is wonderful.


Appreciate Self realization and Stimulus messages – Thanks

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