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ZIP your knowledge March 2, 2010

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There was a senior college professor who had made a lifetime’s study of the Assam tea herb & its qualities. He was an expert on tea & was known to be highly adamant & over proud on his knowledge in the domain.

Once he heard there was an old man living in Kohima who was a master on the tea herb qualities. People told him that the old man knew 100 times more than all the knowledge he had on tea herbs. So he made a special trip to Assam to see him. He found the master living in a small house on the outskirts of Kohima and they sat down to have tea together.

The professor was too anxious to know more about the tea herb & he immediately started talking about the tea ceremony, his study, all he knew about it and how he was looking forward to sharing his learning with the old man. The old man said nothing, but started to pour tea into the professor’s cup. While the professor talked, the old man continued to pour the tea, the cup filled and the old man kept pouring. The tea split down the sides of the cup in a stream onto the floor, yet the old man did not stop.

“Stop!” said the professor. “Are you crazy? You can’t pour any more tea in this cup. It’s already full.”

“I was just rehearsing,” replied the old man, “for the task of attempting to pass learning to a mind that is already full.” Friend first unlearn if you wish to learn more..


Friends this is not just a story but a truth in life. We all learn with our experiences in the society. Subconsciously many ifs & buts , dos & don’ts penetrate into our minds & we don’t even realize those. We get used to doing things, knowing situations the way we have been seeing it & even a bit of change makes us uncomfortable. We become adamant – ‘I know it all’ attitude creeps in our soul.

Lets understand it this way – if you are used to seeing a friend of yours in big & grown mustache since lifetime & suddenly you find him clean shaved… how would you react? Most likely your reaction would be more on the “Change Experience” & not on the Good or Bad part of it…. One is not PREPARED to accept the change, forget the past & welcome the new.

Look at the world around you & you will realize that every moment there is some value engineering happening some where. There are new ways to achieve the old results. The speed & processes are advancing day by day in almost every sphere. What was the best mode to succeed in examinations yesterday is not the same today.

The moral is that a huge gap is being created in every yesterday & every today. Please be ready & prepared to accept the ‘New’ from today. You will be able to do so only when you have an open mind. Welcome the ‘new”, zip & store the ‘old’ & process both to get better results.. that’s the mantra.

Ajit Varwandkar
Managing Director
Twitter : @varwandkar




Well Said Bro, We should always be ready to learn the Change Management, from different spheres of life.

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