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The stupid villagers & the rooster December 24, 2009

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Once upon a time there used to live an old lady in a down town village. She was very much helpful and used to help everyone whom she could in the best of the capacity. Slowly she became very famous and the villagers used to adore her.

She had a rooster which sat on the hut fence daily. It used to crow at the break of dawn almost every day. The lady did believe herself and convinced the villagers that the rooster was responsible for the sun to rise and morning to happen in their village. Along with the lady now the rooster also became famous in the village. The rooster was very precious.

Since she was respected too much by the people of the village she became arrogant. She thought she has become the most important personality in the village. Slowly she wanted all the decisions in the village to be taken in consultation with her. Anything which happened in the village which she did not approve of would upset her and the people behind it would be summoned and scolded by her.

Although helpful but the increasing autocratic behaviour was disliked by the villagers. Soon the bad word spread and most of the villagers decided to informally boycott her.
The old lady was unhappy and wanted to teach the ‘arrogant’ villagers a good lesson. She decided to leave the village and settle elsewhere for a few days. All this because she was of the opinion that if not her, the villagers shall definitely miss her rooster.

One night she ran away from the village to a different place, on her way as soon as it was dawn and the sun was seen above on the sky.. her rooster started crowing … Cocka-doodle-doo ..

The lady stopped, relaxed and smiled with a sense of satisfaction & happiness.. she said to herself .. here it goes.. now the sun will not rise in that village and at last those stupid villagers will definitely realize my worth.. Thanks Almighty God.. You are great..

Friends, the story ends here giving us the many morals to learn. At times we do commit similar errors in our life.. though in different context’s. Lack of awareness and wrong self estimation can become a faux-pass in our life.

Ajit Varwandkar
Twitter : @varwandkar



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