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I shall be happy by the sunshine of tomorrow December 12, 2009

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We are grieved but I know, now you are free
I know you are following the path God has laid for you
You took His hand when you heard Him call
You turned your back and left us all.

I just wish you could have stayed to laugh, yet another day, ,
to be with us and teach us to love, to work and to play.
Don’t you think, once, that some tasks still left undone
And you found that place in Heaven at the end of the day.

This parting has left such a deep void, God knows how to fill
Not just fill the vacuum, I want all the sorrows to be nil.
A relationship shared as a teacher & a friend, a laugh and a kiss,
Alas there is a dictionary of things I am going to miss.

Sir you taught us never to be burdened with sorrow
Life has its own ways, never do worry we should just follow
Since you were too good, Your life time seems so brief,
I promise you sir I shall be happy by the sunshine of tomorrow.

Ajit Varwandkar

Letter to a Guru, a friend, a mentor, a God sent saint, a savior, a vacuum filler, an emotional healer, a living legend, an example of courage and determination Late Dr. Sharad Raghunath Ingle ..

who left us on 9th Dec’2009. He not only survived a deadly cancer for over five years, he also taught mankind how to live and add life to days even when you know days tend to end!



1. Layla - April 4, 2010

How beautiful!! Thank you!!

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