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We all can do more than Copenhagen every day.. say a wheel-less Wednesday! December 8, 2009

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The international climate change talks has already begun in Copenhagen today when I am writing this blog.

One hundred and ninety-two countries have signed the climate change convention. More than 15,000 officials, advisers, diplomats, campaigners and journalists are expected to attend COP15, joined by heads of state and government. Developing countries, including China and India, are eyed with a lot of expectation in this summit.

A 35-member official delegation from India is participating in this event .
Copenhagen is the talk of the town and probably the need of the future generation. I tweeted yesterday that Copenhagen is one of the best & the most sensible gift which this generation of mankind could give to the future. While the attempt shall be to negotiate a new global climate treaty to replace or extend the 1997 Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012. Hopefully this shall be a turning point for this generation of mankind & we should see some useful & executable outputs from the summit.

While universal issues on Climate change are being discussed on a huge platform, I propose a few small steps to address & initiate change on an individual basis. Yes, I am sure small is BIG and all of us together can make major impact to save, preserve & conserve nature :

I suggest :

Clean Monday – Lets resolve to recycle any kind of garbage every Monday, be it papers, plastic or otherwise. Recycling should be mandatory on Monday.

Green Tuesday – Let us all resolve not to use lights, fans & air conditioners at least for 8 hours every Tuesday. Who so ever we are whatever we do, just maintaining this discipline shall make a big difference to the cause.

Wheel – less Wednesday – A resolve not to use our vehicles on Wednesdays, just walk . Think if we all observe this rule, what an enormous amount of saving we end up into!

Less Water Thursday – Let us resolve to use less water in the acts of washing our vehicles, taking a bath & in whichever was we could conserve the use of water in our daily routine. For example we could declare that Thursdays I tell the chauffer not to wash the car, just clean it!

Tulsi Friday : Let us take an oath to plant Tulsi Ocimum tenuiflorum (also tulsi, tulasī) at least one plant every Friday in one house hold or a garden to save the earth from Radiation Poisoning. No, this has to do nothing with religious fanatism, just in case you thought it this way.. but this plant has multifarious medicinal values and also is very helpful in maintaining the OZONE LAYER… Tulsi should be kept in every house for its purifying influence. Tulsi absorbs positive ions, energies, negative ions and liberates ozone from the sun’s rays.

Teach Saturday – Let us all make it a point to teach & tell the concerns of Global Climate change to at least one ignorant person every Saturday. If all of us do this, the awareness will spread like wild fire and definitely will bring in more commitment from more individuals.

Well, Sundays I propose to be relaxed, no rules for Sundays …..

Friends, this is just a thought starter, I invite views, reviews and efforts from as many people as it could be.. I am very clear that Copenhagen Summit is just a forum where issues could be discussed and policies could be evolved. At best these could be implemented conditionally as a rule in the middle of various processes. But to achieve something very substantial we the people of this earth will have to take small steps to make big impact! Remember your next step ( aglakadam ) matters!

Ajit Varwandkar
Twitter @varwandkar
Green Tuesday / 8th Dec’2009



1. Sakshi Diwan - December 8, 2009

Sir, its really thoughtful. And if its actually implemented, then problem of global warming would be solved to great extent.

To add to this, there are many small points to be take care of, to avoid global warming like Switching off and removing plug of mobile charger, switch refrigerator for 5-6 hrs a day, avoid misuse of water, electricity, etc..

aglakadam - December 9, 2009

yes, thats really the ned of the day.. we should switch off electrical appliances which may not be in use… even TV sets in sleep mode do consume a lot of power, cumulatively … good suggestion… thanks

Amrita - December 9, 2009

This awarness I say should be started from school. Here in USA schools actively educate children about recycling and ways to save the environment.

2. Kaushik Pal - December 9, 2009

Ajit ji, wonderful notes. Its this micro level adherence which can contribute at a macro level. On Sundays, usually the trend is to go for shopping. If we can shun ‘PLASTICS” on Sundays, we can be productive even on a Sunday.
Loved reading your article.
Will look for more Copenhagen updates in your words.


aglakadam - December 9, 2009

Kaushik JI,

Thanks for your remarks. “No Plastic Sunday” looks like a great idea .. this will not only reduce a lot of plastic waste, it will also help us save potentially on our pockets!

Shall surely keep you posted as and when I have some more words on this.


3. Amrita - December 9, 2009

In some countries “Tulsi” cannot survive due to weather and availability of that plant. We should look for options on that one.

aglakadam - December 10, 2009

Hi Amrita,

Thanks for the feedback and the views, idea is to spread a Nature Conserve Behaviour all across…

Schools is surely the best strategy, catch them young and teach them to grow properly …

Your observation on Tulsi was an eye opener .. I agree something else aswell will have to discover


Ajit Varwandkar
Twitter @varwandkar

Dr Swati Nalawade - December 11, 2009

Dear Ajit,
Apart from Tulsi there are certain other medicinal/herbal plants that have equal importance in our day to day life. these can be alternatively planted. We can provide some names in case anyone is interested.

best wishes for the crusade. green environment is the need of the day!

4. girish kulkarni - December 11, 2009

Good one Ajit…very thoughtful…

look forward to more updates from you…



aglakadam - December 11, 2009

Dear Girish,

Thanks for the encouragement.. I shall surely keep you posted.

Cheers… Ajit

5. SHRINIDHI DHARMADHIKARY - December 11, 2009

My Dearest innovative Brother (as always),
Really I appreciate the concern over global climatic changes and we all will be the ultimate victims.
Further I will like to put forward one more idea that like in Europe, America and Gulf too, all the Indian Govt. and private sectors must have 5 day a week. It should be mandatory, particularly for the Govt organization except the emergency services. This will help to reduce, electricity consumption, water wastages, Fuel consumption in commutations, debris of cigarettes, Paan tambaaku etc.etc.
A dedicated employee can work well in 5 days with 10 hrs of duty. Perhaps it’s my personal opinion. I request all to think and advice over it.

aglakadam - December 11, 2009

Dear Shri,

Thanks for the appreciation. Extrapolating yoour idea further, I think in our country ( in govt offices) we should have the reverse, a 2 days working week with full CC TV Monotiring ( to ensure complete 10 hr day work).. and rest off… this will one one hand save lot of energy as well as this could be a good antidote to corruption!

Howz that?




Ha ha ha.. very well said. I forgot abt the corruption.
By the way how much, a company will have to pay (under table) for their CCTV aproved by the Govt official?????

Agla kadam is stupendous.
Pl. keep posting motivating stuff.

6. Amrita - December 18, 2009

I was going through some sites to recycle. Here is one who is asking bloggers to start blog on recycling and going green.
I dont want to advt. or market anybody’s site here but thought this may interest some.
The other one was just eye opener and new concept as to this can be done.:
Thanks for reading.

aglakadam - December 18, 2009

Thanks, I guess recycling could make it as good resolution for new year : Making Earth livable for next generation!

7. Amrita - December 18, 2009

Hi Dr. Swati,

About options for “tulsi” you said you can suggest some alternatives which can be found here in bay area.
Eagerly waiting.

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