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Thanks Amit Ji for the Modern Madhushala December 4, 2009

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Dear Shri Amitabh Ji,

I am one of those thousands and lacs of homosapiens who long to read your blog. Yes, your blog has the magnetic pull & the very fact that I get attracted towards it as well confirms that I do have magnetic properties!

Your blog definitely reflects a “Modern Madhushala” for many people on this earth. It definitely quenches the creative & inquisitive thirst of common man. All such individuals who has an emotionally active corner ticking in their heart, end up getting some or the other “fulfilling message” almost daily from your blog!

One of your recent posts had a statement which inspired me a lot : Enter a hall and occupy the last row, because if they shift you from here you could only be put in a row ahead.”

I wish to share one observation here : Unlike the real world, people rush to get the last seat in a cinema theater! Why? Is it a better strategy that a drama or a fiction is best viewed at a distance! While the realities of life be best encountered on a face to face basis! Wait for your views on this observation.

My best wishes for Paa… This has definitely brought the disease Projeria to the limelight. May this light not end here and wish that it triggers a lot of AID to the countable ( yet unaccounted) Projeria patients across the country.

Best Regards

Ajit Varwandkar
http://www.aglakadam.com / 4.12.2009 / 11.24 am



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