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Don’t change the gear for Success December 2, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in Management, Motivation.
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Today I had a very enlightening chat with a very close friend of mine, here’s sharing that with you all readers …

Amarjeet Singh -a civil engineer by professional and also a Vastu Expert called me over phone and asked me a very interesting question. He said, Ajit which is your dream car? I said I already bought and sold my dream car ….. i.e. my first car the M800 was infact the car of my dream which when bought I had cherished a lot.

Actually my next car would be any SUV I said. Well, from Raipur how far will you be able to travel in that car? I said as long as the roads are good, or are just there I could drive along … He said can you drive till Mumbai.. I said why not, definitely yes.

Well, the next question was will your favorite car take you to London! Ooops, how’s that possible .. for that you need a different mode of transport … How can, any car for that matter. take you to London, I snapped back…

That’s the message, he said, at times in life.. If you are chasing a target and need to reach there, you need to change the vehicle for sure. Just changing the gear may not take you there ….

Changing gears may help you to maneuver in the short term, but can not help you reach long destinations. …

Well said.. and a message learnt.. All vehicles may not be the best vehicles for all destinations. Change your strategy..

Ajit Varwandkar // http://www.aglakadam.com // 02.12.2009



1. Amarjeet Singh - December 2, 2009

very nice msg collected through my talk with you.Thanx for quoting my name and let me actually give a msg “You can’t drown by just jumping into the water, you drown only if u just remain there without any activity.”

2. Amrita - December 9, 2009

There is so much in the words said here. WOW…But sometimes it happens that sentences to write are easy but when we have to live them the meaning changes or we change them according to our convinence.

aglakadam - December 10, 2009

yes, agree

also true that You learn from your mistakes and others learn from your success.. and nothing suceeds like success!

be successfull.. best wishes, Ajit

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