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English Must to go round the world November 17, 2009

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There is a lot of turbulence in the country on giving importance to regional languages. You call your friend in West Bengal and the line busy message is communicated to you in Bengali language in addition to Hindi and English, same with almost all states … even Chhattisgarh has adopted this strategy by using Chhattisgariah language as a State language …
The thoughts on the importance of language germinated and I was thinking of the language where the maximum of literature is available in the world! Yes definitely it is English. English is definitely very important for communication across borders today. It is the only widely accepted and spoken common language by most of the world.

However this does not mean that we should not follow our own mother tongue. For me both are equally important and necessary. Frankly speaking, it is highly essential to communicate & to do so you need to know the language for communication.
In this binary world & internet age, English has gained a larger acceptance. Talk of the various social networking sites facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, orkut .. all communicate majorly in English… When we talk of the education system the best books on engineering, law and medical are available in English language.
English is the only language which bridges diversity across cultures. Good Morning is essentially more understandable in the world compared to Namaste.
My suggestion to friends is to learn as many languages as possible, but never compromise with English. I have observed that for fresher students just out of the colleges the job prospects are more for all such students who are better in their understanding and knowledge of English..
Monali Chanda / http://www.aglakadam.com / 4.31 pm / 2009-11-17


career planning November 17, 2009

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कहते है हर चीज वक्त पर ही अच्छी लगती है ,चाहे वो वारिश हो या आपका करियर का निर्णय .अब आप देखो न इस बेमौसम वर्षा ने हमारी फसल का कितना नुकसान कर दिया .यही वर्षा अगर वक्त पर हुई होती तो क्या बात होती?,बस यही बात हमारे साथ भी लागू होती है.कई बार अवसर हमारे पास आते है पर हम सही रूप से निर्णय नहीं ले पाते.और जब सोचते सोचते निर्णय लेते है तो पता चलता है हमे तो ,काफी देर हो गई है .आब सही समय आ गया है की क्लास 11th के बच्चे अपने करियर प्लानिंग के बारे में सोचने लगे ,आपने ,यह निर्णय लेना है ,आगे आप को क्या करना है ?आप अपने आप को आने वाले ५ वर्षो मैं कंहा देखना चाहते हो ?क्या आप की करियर प्लानिंग आपके परेंट्स की प्लानिंग से मैच करती है /तो बस शुरु हो जाओ — वर्षा अजित वरवँड़कर,

अगला कदम . कॉम

Some children do have Differential Learning Ability .. we need to just encourage & explore November 12, 2009

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Tare Jameen Pe was a thought revolution. Just think…

Today in 21st Century we have to run to stay where we are.. to move ahead we have to struggle our way amidst a huge set of challenges and obstacles…. Survival is a struggle in todays cut throat competitive world. One’s abilities and education are on real test of fitness as on date.

In such a scenario how often do we empathise with children having learning disabilities! Leave the world aside, even parent’s do not recognize this for their children…

I am of the opinion that children with learning disability deserve the same growth opportunities as any normal people have. Usually Children with learning disabilities do struggle with homework for obvious reasons. They might have retention problems or have difficulty with decoding words or calculating mathematical equations, but we should not forget that GOD had also gifted special ability to children with learning disability and that special ability is the way towards fame.

How can we forget Albert Einstein the Mathematician/Physicist who had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing maths in school, but today he is known as “Father of Modern Physics”.

The only effort requires by us is try to become a teacher like Aamir khan (role played by him in “Tarre zameen Par”). Parents are require to motivate their child with learning disability for improving their Special ability and can make career in the same. Their special ability can either be in painting, singing, swimming, dancing or could be anything.

I appreciate to those producers’ directors who throw light on the issues of career for children with learning disability, now it’s our turn to make a career of “children with learning disability in their special ability”

Richa Gurwani / http://www.aglakadam.com // 1.59 am // 12.11.2009

जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों। November 10, 2009

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जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों।
भावना की गोद से उतर कर
जल्द पृथ्वी पर चलना सीखें।
चाँद तारों सी अप्राप्य ऊचाँइयों के लिये
रूठना मचलना सीखें।
हर दीये की रोशनी देखकर ललचायें
उँगली जलायें।
अपने पाँव पर खड़े हों।
जा तेरे स्वप्न बड़े हों।
——————–दुष्यंत कुमार
संकलन—वर्षा अजित वरवँड़कर,

अगला कदम . कॉम

महाराष्ट्र में यह कैसा “राज” November 10, 2009

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कितना अच्छा होता की महाराष्ट्र की युवा शक्ति भाषा विवाद में न पड़कर ,अपनी उर्जा कितने ही सकारत्मक कार्यो में लगाती ?फिर चाहे बात बिजली की कटौती की हो या किसान आत्महत्या की हो या बेरोजगारी की हो या विकास से जुडी गंम्भीर चुनौतियो की हो ,इन मुदधो पर शायद बहस की जाये तो इन सब का कोई न कोई हल तो निकलेगा न ?कितने बार हमने पाया है कि युवा वर्ग अपने अन्दर की आग को पहचान ही नहीं पाता और दिग्भ्रमित हो कर ऐसे रस्ते अख्तियार कर लेता है ,जिसकी कोई मंजिल ही नहीं होती .आज से ठीक बीस साल पहले बर्लिन की दीवार को तोड़कर राष्ट्र को नया रूप दिया गया ,और वो वंहा मिल कर प्रगति का जश्न मना रहे है और हम भाषा के नाम पर देश को तोड़ कर “राज ” करने का सपना देख रहे है ——-वर्षा अजित वरवँड़कर,अगला कदम . कॉम,रायपुर

Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita–Swami Ramdev November 5, 2009

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The majority of learned people in the world and India believe that Freud was the one who had analyzed and divided the mind into four types – consciousness, unconsciousness, subconsciousness and inner consciousness. Indians also studied and taught Freud’s basic discovery. But before five thousand ago, Lord Krishna had narrated Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, which is present in its basic form even today. It is relevant in today’s modern world as well. It is important and acceptable in today’s context if we try to find out the secrets of this Gita.

The Gita’s psychology is not just philosophy. The Bhagavad Gita contains easy and practical methods to control desires, lust and attraction, which are psychological, appropriate and practical. The Gita’s psychology says that desires and lust are not destroyed when fulfilled. It says that as the Sunrays outshine the light of an earthen lamp in the same way the high thoughts defuse the lust, desires and attractions. Desires are formed from selfish attraction.

For More pl visit—IndiaDivine.org

Thanks —Varsha Varwandkar,www.aglakadam.com



Watch Out for the ambulance.. November 4, 2009

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Refer : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/PMs-security-claims-patients-life/articleshow/5194254.cms

PM’s security did cost one life in Chandigarh, yes this is the last thing PM or any celebrity would ever want to happen, not because every such celebrity may value Common man’s life more than his/her own (read : the security concerns) … but because this gives way to a lot of negative words to be discussed by the irrelevant common people and it again takes lot of efforts ( read money) to do the redressal… though the good news is that – public memory has a very small life span …

& yes if the celebrity is a stress prone social animal, the exitement of the time to pass by can as well be killing ..

Last week I was in Delhi and vitnessed the huge rush ( read road jams) on the roads.. all of the Delhiets seemed to be in the zest to do their best and get out into the roads to deliver their worth to the world. I was tugged into my taxy for about 2 hours plus for a 24 km’s ride! Similar is the case with many other metro’s aswell..

Thats when I was wondering if there is an emergency case and the ambulance needs to reach a nearest hospital fast, how will it be possible? Do we need the chopper ambulance within the city now or the sholey kind of Jay Veeru Two Wheeler Ambulance! God knows …

Till then I can only suggest you to Watch Out .. there may be some ambulance trying to overtake…

Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com // 10.49 am // 4.11.2009

Cruel teacher thanked by the parent’s November 3, 2009

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Shakespeare said in Othello : You have to be cruel to be kind… something of the same pattern happened in Bundi district of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Today’s newspaper reports that a student dumb by birth was hit by his school teacher just out of sheer anger ( since the student was not reading out A B C D… in his class) … As soon as the student was hit, he started speaking out… the dumb students parents have thanked the school teachers for being cruel and harsh.. doctors say it is more of a psychology subject.. we come across stories where people tend to loose & regain memories after some accident / shock.. the same fundamental works in this case as well.. may be..

However our cruel teacher got a reward out of his cruelty… though this does not happen as a law and hope this does not encourage more hitting to school students…

Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com / 6.04 / 03.11.2009