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Restrict & Articulate Terror born Reports through Terror Reporting Code : November 23, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in Jara hut ke, Life and all.
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Its an year that we all witnessed live coverage of 26/11 for gushing three days … Taj was being bombed, people murdered & fire and smoke touching the sky high.. Such a wide spread coverage of the event gave birth to millions of ( unreported) patients … mostly with some or the other kind of psychic disorder .. thousands of kids are now growing up with some or the other kind of phobia which may be recognized only over age….

The ultimate beneficiaries of such media coverage is those whom we do never intend to benefit.. the terror creators .. we have seen people from within the borders and across the borders resort to terror to enable their dictate! Be it the lashkar threat or the Naxals in Chhattisgarh, the Assam hardliners or the political stewards like MNS or SS … Off late even the media is not spared by the terror creators … When media reports their deeds, all these people get benefitted by the shock waves created in the mind set of common people ..

Terror should be Judiciously reported, we all know this; however here I propose to evolve a code of conduct to guide the terror reporting.I suggest that our Journalist friends to start a debate to evolve and adopt a thorough “Terror Reporting Code” for all such acts of terror and fear.

I have some thought points to start with the evolution of such a Terror Reporting Code :

1. Any act of terror not to be reported as a headline, come what may. ( Print / Paper both)
2. Terror related news to be limited to 100 words.
3. Terror and related news to be on inside pages only.
4. The news headline covering the terror news should be consciously made non glamorous : for example : In place of Shiv Sena goons shatter the media house …. Write Illegal trespassing and dacoit act reported at a media house in Mumbai. ( Not even indirect benefit to be passed on to the people organizing terror)
5. Any TRP workout mechanism to be isolated from terror news reporting times.
6. Review shows / panel discussions / tete-e-tete etc. related to Terror acts to be hosted only in the late night hours.
7. Such shows ( point 6 above) should not be highly advertised.
8. Never ever organize articles / shows on Terror event anniversaries. No one like to revisit horror.

Media is a great power : just like fire, we should be wary lest the terror creators misuse the media as an easy media to promote & encash their heinous acts!

Your thoughts invited …..

Ajit Varwandkar / http://www.aglakadam.com / 11.15 am / 23.11.2009



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