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Cruel teacher thanked by the parent’s November 3, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in Children n Students, Jara hut ke, parenting.

Shakespeare said in Othello : You have to be cruel to be kind… something of the same pattern happened in Bundi district of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Today’s newspaper reports that a student dumb by birth was hit by his school teacher just out of sheer anger ( since the student was not reading out A B C D… in his class) … As soon as the student was hit, he started speaking out… the dumb students parents have thanked the school teachers for being cruel and harsh.. doctors say it is more of a psychology subject.. we come across stories where people tend to loose & regain memories after some accident / shock.. the same fundamental works in this case as well.. may be..

However our cruel teacher got a reward out of his cruelty… though this does not happen as a law and hope this does not encourage more hitting to school students…

Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com / 6.04 / 03.11.2009



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