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BE + DO = HAVE SUCCESS October 31, 2009

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Is there any formula for success? Does Mathematics do have a relationship with success? Why not…Like there are many ways to conquer a mountain, Similarly, there are many ways to get success aswell….

However ultimately it’s one’s responsibility to differentiate among the pathways and choose the most suited ideal way.

I know a very simple formula which if implemented can do wonders in our business and life. But just because it is simple doesn’t make it easy. So… what is that formula….??

All of us know that in order to HAVE anything in life; we need to DO something to achieve it. Like a map is of no value if you just stand there looking at it. Unless you start your journey, you’ll never reach your destination.

Now, DO-ing is not the only thing you need to change in order to HAVE something. To DO the right things demands us to BE a right person for that. You must also BE-come the person who would DO these things well and thus HAVE the things you desire.
You must develop the identity, beliefs and values and acquire the characteristics that can lead you to success. It is often seen that people lacking these values and characteristics find them worse off in a short period even though some times they may have achieved success in short span of time.

Thus, the formula is,


CHARACTERISTICS (In borne or inculcated) + EFFORTS (positive) = SUCCESS

You also must remember that DO-ing is as important as or even more important than BE-ing.

Shilpa Sharma, http://www.aglakadam.com / 12.28 pm / 31.10.2009



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