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How safely are our kids being transported from School to Home? October 30, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in 1.

News today from a small city of Madhya Pradesh in India : School Bus carrying school children back home met with an accident. The driver was drunk and skid the bus into a ditch.
While we are working out various innovative policies in the education systems I suggest we need to make a very strict code of conduct for the travel and commuting of school children. Not just the school bus & the drivers, if you peep across various small villages ad cities in India, you will find auto rickshaw’s & cycle rickshaw’s transporting school children in a manner as if it was a poultry van. Over capacity passengers and suffocation invites an accident any moment.
In some metro cities we find children commuting to school on their on two wheelers or cars. Here again a few of them drive their vehicle even without being legally qualified to bear a driving license ( they may still have one is a different story!)
I invite a debate on this critical subject and suggest the government’s ( State & Center ) to take strong initiatives to address this critical subject. Lets not delay it any further.
Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com // 12.18 pm // 30.10.2009



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