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the incite into the minds of the professional working women October 28, 2009

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Right from my childhood I always wanted to make a difference in this world. I have been on lookout for an opportunity to do so. Its my observation that many female executives still struggle with gender bias, lack of recognition for achievements, balancing their professional and personal lives, and establishing strong mentorship and support systems.
Because of the public’s recent skepticism about corporate sector, “the female in the HR role receives more visibility internally and externally. Gender bias continues to be a major issue for female executives. Go to the corporate world and you will find generally people are reluctant to confront gender-based misconceptions about their commitment as executives, as well as unspoken stereotypes and prejudices. One critical area of concern & challenge for female professionals is establishing a work-life balance.
One critical area of observation is about the less number of women in senior positions ( though the count increasing recently) and as such lack of role models to get inspired from.
To get ahead in the corporate jungle today women professionals need to understand, develop, and be very aware of the need for networking, mentoring, and other avenues that are typical in a man’s course of business.
To know more on this domain of women at work, we at aglakadam.com have conducted a survey covering professional female executives. We received some startling findings and the survey report should be uploaded on website very soon.
Just a few days more to explore the incite into the professional working women…
Monali Chanda, http://www.aglakadam.com / 6.27 pm / 28.10.2009



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