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Now the Day is of 23 hours………. October 28, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in aglakadam, Jara hut ke.

Even we could earn time in a day…

The most frequently quoted Excuse for not being able to execute new ventures is ‘where is the time to do?’ Every time we think to do some thing new the mind is aptly reminded of the paucity of TIME.

To my understanding the only solution to this problem is Time Management. Time Management again is a misnomer.. one can not manage time.. nope.. this is not at all possible for any one in the universe.. BUT we can Manage ourselves vis-a-vis the available time … that’s 24 hours per day.

Well, here my intent is not to get into the orbit of one more Time Management lecture… but I prefer to analyze & understand how best we could manage ourselves against time…..

Yes, if one has a firm commitment, the new proposed task at hand will definitely be prioritized …. The routine activities in the day will have to be squized a bit and surplus time will have to be added back into the itinerary…. I am sure if we prioritize well, we will not be required to say again that” I do not have time in this world to… blah blah blah”

Not being able to get the desired quantum of time in the day is basic human weakness. At time we get scared and do not attempt at all to initiate the activity…

I suggest a formulae here to the readers ….think that from today, the day has 23 hours only. With this start finding ways to get all the routine work executed.. Once you are practiced .. eventually you end up getting 365 hours more in a year…

With additional 365 hours added to your life in a year.. nothing can stop you from executing your new tasks…

Go get it….

Ajit Varwandkar & Chetan Namdev/ http://www.aglakadam.com / 7.04 pm IST / 28.10.2009



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