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Eco Diwali festival October 20, 2009

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Happy Diwali and Bye Crackers…….

Diwali is the festival of light and joy. But in recent years there has been some criticism about excessive use of crackers, The main problem behind use of crackers is sound and smoke coming out from crackers, it causes noise and air pollution. The noise coming out from crackers is harmful to human being and animals both. For children and sick people pollution is very dangerous and for animals because they have more sensitive sense of hearing.

The Central Pollution Control Board of India has also advised not to use crackers, but today nobody wants to understand the problem of others. NGO’s and other voluntary organizations are working to educate children, but children are stubborn for crackers and ultimately parents have to buy. Some times use of crackers cause serious injuries.

There is a famous quote ‘A Rupee saved is a Rupee earned’, why you are burning your money by burning crackers, and if you don’t want to save, use it to lighten somebody’s life, he will bless you.

For some body lighting more crackers is become a status symbol, but they don’t know that what actually they are doing.

I was pleased to read in newspapers that there have been many people who came out with Eco Deepawali concept.. I am sure they aswell enjoyed the festival like those who would have fired a lot of crackers





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