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BEWARE of your NEXT STEP — aglakadam October 15, 2009

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Aglakadam means the Next Step .. Life is full of Next Step.. We face a lot of stages and emotions.. failure, success, happiness, soltitude, crush, love, excitement…. Every emotion is likely to have an immediate Next Step.. the aglakadam.. and what makes us succeed or not to succeed in life depends a lot on what is our next step… the aglakadam ….

Some time we make situations harder for us than they ought to be, this is specifically so when we are working on tough or long term goals… when a lot of patience and perseverance is required …. This way we tend to underplay ourselves

Let me explain with an example … I TARGETTED a weight loss a few months back….. It all started with a work out on my diet…. Sweets was a no no… I went ahead with a bang.. though with festival times .. it all went off with a fizz … HERE it was critical for me to have the proper “aglakadam”…

Two case scenarios could appear :
1. Since I could not continue the diet plan, I could have lost hope and my next step would have been to carry on as it was earlier …
2. Alternately the next step also can be to forget the failure and take it just as a temporary barrier.. have a strong aglakadam of getting on with the TARGET…

However generally what happens is, instead of moving past what we call a “failure” and picking up where we left off, so often we become demoralized and give up entirely.
But we should remember and constantly remind ourselves that any long-term effort isn’t about a one-time decision that must be followed. It’s about a series of choices — every next step we take makes us move you closer or farther to our goal.
Remember YOU have the power to choose your next step: the aglakadam.. It could be a step with heavy optimism.. or a downslide stagger!

Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com / 15.10.2009 / 7.22 pm



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