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About Emotional Intelligence.. What is it about generally? October 14, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in career guidance and counselling, Children n Students.

A startling finding by researcers and scientists is that an individuals Success in life is only 20% a function of IQ, actually 80% of the reasons for success is other forces .. which majorly consist of EQ.

Every strong EMOTION has at its root an impulse to action; managing those impulses is basic to emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capacity to acquire and apply the information of emotional nature to feel and respond emotionally. It is the ability to experience and productively manage emotions. EQ ( Emotional Quotient) is the measure of EI.

Be it a teacher or a manager at work, an Emotionally competent individual will definitly excell in life… professionally as well as personally …

tomorrow I shall write on the impact & need of EQ for our school teachers ..

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1. Chetan Namdev - October 14, 2009

Importance of awareness in today’s life…..

According to me awareness plays a very dominant role in today’s life. People are suffering from many problems due to lack of awareness like villagers don’t know about the policies of government, children don’t know the importance of education, parents don’t know how to treat there children. In one way or another there is a problem of unawareness.

We know that in India 70% population resides in rural areas and they basically depend upon agricultural income. Out of them many are still using traditional techniques for agriculture because they are unaware about new technologies and as a result of this, they earn less and it also affects the GDP of the nation. ‘AS THE CITIZEN SO THE NATION’
‘ताली एक हाथ से नहीं बजती’

There are many NGO’s working on awareness programs in both urban and rural areas. I don’t know why people are not responding positively to those programs; even NGO’s are not charging any thing from public.

It’s really a matter to think about……..

Be ATTENTIVE not only for your SELF but also for OUR NATION.

Thank you,

Chetan Namdev

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