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Use TRUST not SPIES to mentor your child … September 21, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in parenting.

There is a news that this Navratri, a lot of parents are going to keep a mobile watch on their kids! A large number of parents have dumped detective agencies or a software solution to their worries. They are paying as high as Rs.10000.00 per month to detective agencies for the job.

By installing a specific software in the cellphones of their children, the parents get alerts on the numbers dialled and calls received on the mobiles together with the content of messages received and sent from the device. ‘‘The parents are also alerted about the location of the child,’’

This, to my understanding, is the result of Bad Parenting which prompts Parents to get into Worst Parenting behaviours… After so many years of upbringing if you are so suspecious about you childs behaviour .. it speaks volumes about the Parent Child relation that has been nurtured ….

Trust is the foundation of all successful relations.

Where the is no Trust, there is no Truth… all evils then begin to germinate ….

Ajit Varwandkar, 21.09.09 / 6.08 pm / http://www.aglakadam.com



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