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One School every 5 KM’s! September 19, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in Children n Students.

The following news from the TOI, Mumbai, 18.09.09 attracted my attention, which tells that The Bombay high court in an important judgment ruled the government norm prohibiting a new school within five km of an existing one was not “sacrosanct’’, but had to be decided on a case by case basis.

From the news clipping : “The condition relating to restriction of grant of permission for opening a new school within five kilometres of an existing school is not mandatory in absolute terms as it has an in-built element of relaxation,’’ said a full bench of Chief Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice Ajay Khanwilkar and Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud. The “five km rule’’ is spelled out in the secondary school code that governs the setting up and administration of educational institutions in Maharashtra.

I have a different view on this :

The Density of Population in India is not even across the geography. In such a situation how can we restrict to such an arbitrary 5 km rule? Is it really wise for the rule makers to enforce such a law? On one end when the nation in on the anvil of a never before size of manpower shortage likely in the coming years; we are devicing rules to restrict people from starting education institutes. Why!

Yes I do agree that a lot of people are looking towards educationa as a money minting business model.. nevertheless if they do justice and deliver results, I personally feel this should still be welcome…. at least something is better than nothing….

One should not stop permissions for new schools basis such 5-10 km formulae… The honourable authority deciding on the fate of new school proposals should take decisions on the facts of the distrubution of population, the percentage of child population, the identified need and the demographic clusters.

We need to ensure the constitutional obligation to provide education to all children and recognising the rights of children to free and compulsory education.

Ajit Varwandkar, 19.09.2009 / 12.23 pm / http://www.aglakadam.com



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