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Students deserve holidays.. irrespecive of the board September 17, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in aglakadam.

It has been declared by the State Government of Chhattisgarh that the State governed schools shall have to declare winter vacation for the students while October / November.
The CBSE / ISCE board governed private schools have a lot of resistance to declare these vacations in the school. These schools are already under a time resource crunch to complete the syllabus.

The basic question to be addressed here is how much vacation and how many leaves vis a vis the number of days of schooling is must for the schol students? Is it just to abruptly declare the festival holidays abruptly just on the onset of festival times? Will this not distuurb the syllabus schedule fo the schools?

Many schools follow a week on week and month on month schedule to cover the board syllabus, in the process they aswell focus on various non academic and over all personality grooming activities for the students. Under such a scenario a break of 3-4 weeks study period will only mean inviting a backlog as well as stressing the students on the post vacation phase!

Yes, holidays are must for students. But it is must for all students irrespective of which board their school is governed by.. be it State board or CBSE or ICSE.

I am myself educated in an era when we used to get a lot of holidays while festival times as well as after final examinations. These holidays were used to travel and lear the geography as also explore relations and relatives. These were real learning by unwinding kind of holidays ….

In my opinion, students deserve these holidays while schools deserve a preplanned schedule to declare such holidays …
Ajit Varwandkar / 17.09.09/10/13 am



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