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Shaping the students attitude at home September 16, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in parenting.

Yesterday I went to one school to address a group of students. While majority of the students were responsive. one of the student was showing a lot of attitude .. he looked very arrogant .. “I know it all” kind of approach.. the body language was hopeless.. he was not even sitting alert…

I tried to address him, involve him but he started getting more disengaged and offensive with time… I decided not to show focus on him any more..

the seminar concluded with lot of involvement of the other students .. the question answer session was very fruitful… though this young friend of mine was busy solving some sudoku on a sheet of paper .. I ignored anyway…

Before we departed … I wanted to know more about this student in discussion.. I was told that he belongs to a very affluent family …. the rich and the famous in the city …. & “he is like that only”.

Actually the family values and culture is mostly responsible in shaping the students attitude and approach …. Our society has a larger share of responsibility in shaping the youth of tomorrow. Parents can not distance themselves from this responsibility and I guess its high time the rich and capacitated guardians do their bit of contribution in shaping the “yuva attitude” …

Ajit Varwandkar



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