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Success & Failure should never be bridged with FEAR September 15, 2009

Posted by aglakadam in aglakadam.

Meanwhile I came across a news that the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, proposes to make it compulsory for all the schools in India to recruit a Psychologist Consultant on full time assignment. This is an effort to address the incresing number of stress outbursts amongst school students..

As a corrective maintenance activity this sounds good. However the real need is to get into the real cause of these happenings .. why is todays young generation more stressed?

Is this the pressure to perform or something else that is at work? I spoke to a few school students to get their views on this subject.

It was surprising to know that more than the pressure to perform it is the fear of faliure thats disturbes the young generation! This is due to high expectations from teachirs – parents combine and also peers at times. The perception that the oppotrtunities are few and competitors are many is also a deterrant.

Success & Failure should never be bridged with FEAR. Its unfortunate that Fear of Failure bogs the young generation! Its time we need to tune them on to the mode of Optimism. You never loose by being an optimist and you never gain by being afraid of the consequence …

May be it boils down to : Karmanyewadikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachana …

.. Ajit Varwandkar



1. Sreeram - September 18, 2009

interesting thoughts – agree to most of it !!! Fear of failure is indeed what cripples many a potential success !

BTW , i would luv to address students – ‘ve done it once to a set of under privileged lot in Hyderabad and can say in all humility that they luved it.

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